Gah! Is it the weekend yet???

I’m having one of those days…. How is it only Wednesday?  This week is CREEPING by! I’ve been busy today, and there is plenty to do.  But I’m quickly running out of steam.

AND the house is freezing cold. I’m on my 5th cup of tea (no surprise, I guess…) just to keep warm! Just so you know, I’m currently drinking Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast tea, black.  Sweet caffeine.

That’s all…. really, it’s all that I have the energy for. (I’m not normally this Debbie Downer person)

How I Menu Plan

Planning a weekly menu

Planning a weekly menu

Currently drinking PG Tips, black… my favorite every day tea.

Monday in our house means grocery shopping day!  When I worked full time, I dreaded slugging to the grocery store on Sundays… the stores are packed, the parking lots are gladiator arenas, and, in the South, buying that bottle of wine is a no no before noon.  Grr…..
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Staging a Coffee Table – A Work in Progress


Welcome to my sunroom!  It’s a cheerful room at the back of our house, with windows on three walls.  I love this room!  (I haven’t taken down the boxwood wreaths/ribbon from Christmas yet… sigh)  Ick, sorry the below picture is so dark!  It’s a catch-22 taking pictures in a room with a ton of windows!  Take pictures on a dreary day, and you may have a dark picture.  Take it on a sunny day, and you’ll get tons of glare!


We had been borrowing our cute mahogany coffee table from our living room to use in the sunroom, since we spent so much time in there.  But it meant that any time we used our living room, there was no place to stick a hot drink!  Horrible!  So I knew we needed a coffee table for the sunroom.  I wanted a more casual table, and settled on a rattan chest from Wayfair (currently not available, but a similar look can be found here).

When it arrived, I’ll admit… I didn’t love it.  I liked it, but didn’t oooo and aaaaahhh like I had seeing it on the website.  And can you blame me?  The rattan color was a close match to our jute rug.  The table was shorter than our other coffee table, so, even though I measured it before purchasing, it felt dinky in person.20140204-120210.jpg

See what I mean?  Blah and boring……. I actually felt guilty about the purchase!!

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