What’s on the Menu? Menu Monday!


What I’m drinking – Irish Breakfast Tea, black, from Trader Joe’s

Happy Monday!  Our weekend flew by.  How about you?  (Does a weekend ever not fly by??)

So I created this week’s menu and shopping list yesterday.  I always feel like this task deserves a HUGE round of applause and a pat on the back.  I hate making the weekly menu.  I also managed to go shopping earlier than normal – my husband is on a light work schedule this week, and stayed home with our daughter.  It was a good thing she didn’t come!  It was pouring buckets and hovering around freezing when I ran out.  Bleh!

So here’s what we are eating for dinner this week!  For more information on how I menu plan, see my previous blog post!

Indian Cashew Tofu (modified from this old Cooking Light recipe)

Baked Penne


Baked Burritos and Salsa Quinoa

Friday (Soup Night):
Mushroom Barley Soup (from Fields of Greens cookbook, page 62)

Tomato Pesto Pasta

Vegetarian Meatballs (recipe is coming!)

*Grocery store this week: Target Super Store (needed frozen vegetarian food and ziplock bags… can’t get that for cheap anywhere else!)

I want to hear from you! What have you got to say?

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