Ca-Ching! Money Challenge

I am decent with money… Well, correction.  I’m decent with spending money.  I’m not crazy spending, just a little here, a little there.  But that little bit adds up!

My husband said something to me over the weekend that turned on a little light bulb.  Or kicked me in the butt.  One of the two.  We were discussing how I was looking forward to the Memorial Tournament in Columbus, OH, this summer (I grew up in Columbus, and every summer was spent at the golf tourny!).  I was planning on driving up with the little child, stay in a hotel with my parents, and show off our precious daughter to friends I’ve known forever!  Fun!

My sweet husband looked at me and said, “I don’t want to tell you that you can’t go, but we really can’t afford for you to go.”

And he is right.

Between gas driving there and back, plus at least 3 nights in a hotel room, we just don’t have that kind of cash.

We really don’t have tons of extra money lying around.  I do my part in spending that little extra on things we don’t really need.  Like clothes for the baby.  Or a t shirt from Target.  I don’t do huge spending sprees, but my random purchases on Amazon don’t help!  Shoot, I sometimes overspend at Costco because it’s technically “grocery shopping”, not shopping.

So, I set myself a challenge.  The Memorial Tournament is in 2.5 months.  For the next 2.5 months, I’m going to save save save (or at least not spend).  No random trips around Target (stick only to the grocery section!).  Limit what I spend at Costco.  Keep my mouth shut when I feel like going out to eat.  I’m curious to see if it makes a dent!  I’m sure it would.  While I probably still won’t be able to go to Columbus, it’s at least something to mentally work towards.  I need some sort of action plan. And I’m not letting my husband know about it, because, if I fail, I’ll feel guilty and embarrassed I said anything!  Frankly, it will be interesting to see if he notices!

Today’s first challenge is with the groceries.  I usually go to Costco and buy quite a bit of groceries!  I always buy a lot of produce, and, frankly, it’s hard for us to eat it all before it goes bad.  This time, I’m buying only what we are out of or I know is cheaper to get there over other stores.  And then that’s it.  I’m not going back to Costco for these 2.5 months.

High five for me!  (Sigh…. I hope this works!)

I want to hear from you! What have you got to say?

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