Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Another Friday!  Woot!

1.  We had a pretty awesome weekend!  My parents were in town and we did some touristy things around Durham.  Since it was a gorgeous day on Saturday, we headed over to Duke Gardens.  Little Bean put her toes in the grass for the first time.  She was jazzed.



2. Husband and I had our first real date in a while.  We went to a fancy restaurant (or at least one we wouldn’t want a baby at) and then stopped for ice cream.  We should have taken our time.  We were back home after an hour and a half.  Silly us!

3. I discovered an unwatched season of Bridezillas.  And my week was ruined…. in the best possible way of course.

4. I started purging my closet… it doesn’t seem like that should be worthy of a “Woohoo Friday!” post, but it is.  My closet looks empty!

5. Our little girl turns 6 months tomorrow!  I can’t believe how fast time has gone.  Yet, we can’t really remember what we used to do before she was born.  Can’t wait to share with you next week how she’s changed and all the new skills she’s acquired.


What were you up to this week?  Let me know!

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