So I don’t have an interesting blog post today. I meant to share with you how the closet purge is going….. But……

Yesterday when I was posting the latest Menu Monday, I noticed my blog looked all whackadoo. All the posts were wide and pushed the right side bar to the bottom. Not to mention every single blog post was, in its entirety, on the home page.

It looked messy. And it bugged me.

So once I finished one thing, another thing bugged me, and I had to finish it. Took me basically all day to tweak!

So no closet post.


On an unrelated note. I got slapped in the face yesterday with the reality that I’m not as cool as I thought I was (insert sarcasm). I bought two Essie nail polishes at Target – a mint and an orchid like the latest Pantone color of the year. I felt super cool. Hip Mom Alert!!

I got home and slapped the mint on my pinky, and nope. Not young enough for that color. And the orchid was so bright! It’s pretty, but again, I’m too old for that! Old Wrinkly Mom Alert!

So I’ll be returning those. (Can you return nail polish that you tried?? Sure hope so! Essie is expensive !)

It’s pouring buckets today, so we will be home bodies. Which means you can look forward to an update on our little 6(!) month old, as well as an update on my closet purge. Stay tuned!

I want to hear from you! What have you got to say?

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