Elizabeth’s 6 Month Update!


And just like that, Elizabeth is 6 months old!  Gah!  I haven’t done an update since her 3 month birthday, so I thought I would do a little braggy-brag.

Height/Weight: I’m not entirely sure… she has an ENT appointment this week.  I’ll update this afterwards, BUT they aren’t the most accurate weighers at that office.

Routine: Elizabeth is quite the routine girl, which is great, because I am too!  She’s basically been on a “Eat every 3-4 hours during the day” kind of girl since the beginning.  The time between eating has just gotten longer.  Here’s her basic schedule right now:

  • 7:00am – Wake up, diaper change and bottle
  • 7:30am – Play time, usually in her Jumperoo, which she’s obsessed with right now!
  • 8:30am – Down for first nap of the day, and usually finishes off whatever was left in her bottle
  • 10:30am – Wake up, diaper change and into her clothes for the day, and then bottle
  • 11:00am – If we’re running errands, we go now
  • 1:00pm – Down for the afternoon nap, and finishes whatever was left in her bottle
  • 3:30pm – Wake up, diaper change, and bottle
  • 4:00pm – She plays while I start dinner
  • 5:00pm – Husband’s usually home by now, and we all three sit down for dinner
  • 6:00pm – Get ready for bed!  She gets a bath M, W, F.  She changes into jammies, and gets her final bottle.
  • 7:00pm – Lights out and asleep! She’s usually in bed and lights out earlier, but this is the absolute latest she goes down.

Sleeping: Elizabeth thankfully has been a GREAT sleeper!  She’s been sleeping 12 hours since she was 3 months old.  And before that, she was just waking up once at night for a feeding. She just naturally dropped her middle of the night feeding, and slept right through it!  Her naps are varied as far as how easy she goes down.  She’s still battling the wake up after 45 minutes, but I’ve learned to ignore her for about 10 minutes, and she falls back asleep for the rest of her nap.  Sleeping, though, is one thing we CAN NOT mess up in her routine.  If she doesn’t get her sleep, she gets cranky!

Eating:  A few weeks ago, I stopped pumping (so happy!  I’m free!), so Elizabeth is now exclusively drinking formula, no breast milk at all.  We started supplementing at about 3 months because I wasn’t keeping up with her demands, and since then, I’ve dwindled more and more.  Bottom line, it wasn’t worth pumping 4-5 times a day to make enough for one bottle.  She transitioned to formula really well.  She’s using the Target Up & Up Infant Formula with Iron (like Similac Advantage).  She normally eats between 6 – 8 oz. at a time.

We’ve just started introducing solids within the last week.  We decided to do Baby Led Weaning with Elizabeth, and she’s loving it!  So far, she’s eaten sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash (all roasted) and avocados.  She’s also tried the Trader Joe’s Os (like Cheerios).  Elizabeth has had some fruit as well, including strawberries and blueberries.  She typically only has real food at dinner time, but I’ll be slowly introducing other meals over the next month.

Sizes: Elizabeth is transitioning between sizes.  She now needs to wear 9 month PJs because her legs are long, but they are still big in the body.  She still wears 6 month dresses (although she’s worn some 9 month ones as well) and shirts/onesies.  Her 6 month legging pants are too short now, and she needs to go up a size in those as well.  She has also been wearing size 2 diapers for about a month.

Milestones: Oh my goodness!  So many to report in the last month (won’t bore you with what has happened since her 3 month update).

  • She loves to blow raspberries, “scream”, and laugh.  The screaming makes church a bit challenging!
  • Books are becoming fun for her.  She likes touch-and-feel books, and books with flaps.
  • She now sits up all on her own (as of just a few days ago!).  She’s been able to sit up since 2 months, but I define “sitting up on her own” as I can set her on the floor and not hover over her, worrying she’ll fall over.
  • She rides in the grocery cart seat now!
  • Her jumperoo is her favorite toy!
  • She rolls over both directions.
  • Elizabeth doesn’t love tummy time.  She can push up straight with her arms, and she shows signs of wanting to crawl, but can’t really hold herself up long enough on her arms to figure it out.
  • She would much rather stand!  She loves to hold onto our coffee table to stand herself.  I think she’ll be cruising furniture before she actually crawls.

It’s just amazing that she’s 6 months already! Time just flies!

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