Easter Baskets for Little Ones


It came and went – Elizabeth’s first Easter!! I’ll be sharing pics on Friday, but wanted to talk about her Easter basket.

I debated for a while about whether it was worth putting together an Easter basket for her, since she’s only 6 months old.  But once I started gathering items, I had such a good time!  And I think she liked everything, because every single item went straight to her mouth.  Which is baby code for “I love this!”.

I made sure that the items I gathered were not expensive and were age appropriate.  Most of the items I found at the Target dollar section or their separate Easter area in the back of the store.

Where would we be without Target??

First off, some tips on items to look for when you’re shopping for a baby under 1.  I tried to find a few things that were either colorful or moved.  It kept my daughter’s attention!  You also can’t go wrong with books, in my opinion.  Books have legs well beyond that time immediately after a holiday.  And, finally, keep it cheap and cheerful!  Honestly, do babies need expensive things?

So let me show you what I got Elizabeth!  I’ll try to link to what I can!


I’ll try to go clockwise:

  1. Easter Bunny Ears headband – from Target’s Dollar Section (similar here).  These were hilarious!  Elizabeth actually kept them on her head the whole time she dug into her basket, and it made for some fun photos.  I’ll probably tuck this away and reuse it next year.
  2. Chick & Bunny plastic eggs – from Target’s Easter section (this is a 4 pack; I bought a 2 pack).  I planned on filling these up with candy for my husband and I, but ended up forgetting to do that.  Oh well.  It made for cute decoration.  I plan on reusing this next year too.
  3. Follow that Bee board book – from Target’s Easter section (not online).  This was just hard to resist.  It was buried in the Easter section, and just tossed it in.  I think it was $4.
  4. What’s Easter? board book – from Amazon.com.  I wanted a book that talks about the reason we celebrate Easter.  This was a really sweet book.  I’ll be pulling this out for several years!
  5. Pinwheel – from Target’s dollar section (I think).  This was a cheap and cheerful item.  And she loves it!
  6. Lamb – from Amazon.com.  This lamb is so soft, and has a rattle in it.  It’s perhaps a touch too young for her at 6 months, but she loves it.
  7. Green polka dot sunglasses case with baby sunglasses – from Target’s Dollar section (couldn’t find it online).  This was a “just for fun” gift.  I figured for $1, it didn’t matter if she immediately started chewing on them. BUT surprisingly, she kept them on during our walk a few days ago.  Another item that makes me laugh when she has them on!
  8. Bubbles (not pictured) – from Target’s dollar section.  I just bought a 3 pack of bubbles for $1 and threw one in.  They aren’t the best quality bubbles, but they are fine for now.

I picked up the Easter basket at Target as well.  They had a great selection of baskets.  All in all, I think the total basket cost was $40 (including the cost of the basket itself).  And several of the items will be reused each year.

It gave me such joy watching her explore her little basket!  Each year, the holidays will be even more special!

I’m linking up on The Good Life Blog for her 2nd Annual Easter Basket Blog Hop!  Check it out!  There are so many cute Easter basket ideas, so you can start pinning for next year!

8 thoughts on “Easter Baskets for Little Ones

  1. Cute!! Sounds like fun! I bought our basket from Safeway but you made me wish I’d hand picked every individual item out myself instead. Lol perhaps next year I’ll have to do that 🙂


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