Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Hello hello! Mercy, this week flew by! And I swear, April was the FASTEST month in history. Holy shmoly!

I’m currently on vacay. I’m enjoying the crisp, cool NC mountain air.

So, can’t dilly dally! Here are my week’s highlights!

1. Hubby finally has vacation! He has been off since Sunday. If you read this week’s Menu Monday post, you saw we had a 30th birthday party for him. Such fun! But not a single pic snapped. Gah!

2. Durham had a tornado warning Tuesday morning. Like, early! As far as I know, there was no cloud, but the little one got to experience her first one!


3. Yep. We are on vacation. Totally spontaneous. We were headed to the Outer Banks, but we changed our minds Wednesday and headed to the mountains instead!

4. Thursday we enjoyed several hikes. Pooped would be the best word to describe us afterwards.




5. Got to do a first yesterday – diaper change, in the trunk, on top of a mountain. Fun!


We are headed home on Saturday, so enjoying our last few hours.

Hope you all had stellar weeks and would love to hear about it! Highlights??

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