Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Hello hello! Another Friday!  Yippee skippy!  I hope you had an amazing week.  Let me know all about it!

I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day on Sunday. It seems a little strange, though, being a mother during Mother’s Day… that’s usually my mom!  I don’t know, it just seems weird. Hubby has to work (boo!) on Sunday, but we’re going to try to sneak out for breakfast before he needs to leave.

Here are my week’s highlights!

1. We had a pretty lazy weekend because we were recovering from our vacation.  So that was nice!  I also had a quiet morning, to myself, at Target.  Target + Starbucks – kid = Bliss!


2. I’m so pleased I FINALLY got my April Favorites video up.  I recorded this video before April ended, but it took me several weeks to get it edited and up.  You can check out the blog post, or view on Youtube.  Let me know you stopped by if you visit at Youtube!

3. I made scones on Wednesday.  The scones are delicious, but what I’m really pleased with is how they look on the table!  (HD pics means you even see the crumbs on the table!!!!!)


4. Elizabeth had her 6 month pediatrician check up Wednesday.  All’s well.  I love her pediatrician!  I could schedule an appointment just to chit chat!  Maybe next time I should bring coffee?

5. Elizabeth and I stopped at a consignment shop on Thursday because she’s needing some size 9 month clothes.  We found a small selection of clothes that will work, BUT we scored a fun toy!  I have one similar in my shopping cart on Amazon to purchase new, but this is much better (and cheaper!). It has suction cups on the bottom, so Elizabeth can’t knock it off.  She loves it!  (My little ham.  The minute she sees my phone come up to take a picture, she stops, looks, and smiles)


So what were you up to this week??  Share! Share! Put a link in the comments if you have a similar post, and I’ll swing by and say hi!  Spread the blog love!

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17 thoughts on “Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

  1. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog earlier. Your scones look absolutely delicious!!! I am going to bake something this Sunday, too but am not sure yet what I am going to make… Have a lovely weekend with this very cute little daughter of yours!!!! 🙂


  2. Somehow I missed the fact that you do vlogs too. I have been playing around with and considering doing a few videos myself and it’s SO much harder than it looks, for me anyway! I just find it very awkward, haha. If I can ever get past that maybe I’ll share something on my blog. Happy weekend!! 🙂


    • Oh you haven’t missed much! It’s my 3rd video. And they aren’t high tech. If I can do it, you can!! I just record a video for when a video would be better to explain things 🙂 happy Friday to you!


  3. Those scones look yummy! And you have them displayed so pretty. Also, the toy from the consignment shop looks fun 🙂


  4. Target all by yourself? A dream! Especially if you have unlimited time ha! And also – what an awesome toy find! Happy weekend & happy mother’s day!


  5. Your daughter, Elizabeth is so adorable 🙂 And you made me crave scones. lol I agree they look pretty on the table and I’m glad you got some time to yourself. Hopefully breakfast will work out with your hubby before work! I am looking forward to Mother’s Day too.. I thought it was weird at first too, but I’ve gotten used to it. I can’t believe it’s about to be 3 years!!! and two kids later 🙂 I went to target today to get an Ergo carrier. Ended up getting an adorable little outfit for the fourth of july for my daughter and a spiderman toy for my son. We had a nice time, even though it had to be a short trip because I forgot the diaper bag :/ Cute post.


    • Thank you! 3 years and 2 kids later – does time keep flying faster?? I swear, I can’t believe Elizabeth will be 7 months this next week. She just popped out! I can’t go to Target and come out with exactly what was on my shopping list. That just doesn’t happen. Although I forgot about 4th of July outfits! I may need to get one this next week before they disappear.


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