Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Well, I’ve been MIA this week!  This week has just been busy!!

I decided to start working on blogs one week in advance to take the pressure off of waking up every morning thinking “GAH!  I haven’t done my post yet!”.  In fact, yesterday I filmed 3 different videos for the next few weeks.  Yay!  I’m really excited to share these videos with you.  I actually like filming videos more than writing blog posts.  It’s just that editing those videos take FOREVER!  At least, it takes me forever. 🙂

So, to recap my week, I just grabbed pictures… lazy.

We’ve discovered the easiest way to entertain our girl while at church.  We sat her on the floor and gave her her farm and farm animals toys.  She is obsessed with this!  There may have been a rooster crow in the middle of prayer, but hey!  We had a quiet, happy baby 🙂20140606-060943-22183509.jpg

Last weekend, my in-laws came down to visit! My father-in-law bought a new Corvette, and, naturally, my husband couldn’t wait to see the car them.  20140605-202705-73625567.jpg

I’ve always enjoyed walking, but this week I made a commitment to walk every week day.  Two of those days I went to our local state park for a hike.  I’ve really enjoyed this!


If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this picture already.  #Petpeeve.  In an EMPTY parking lot, why park right next to me????  This ruined my zen-like mood after our hike.20140606-060923-22163013.jpg

Elizabeth has now discovered her hair bows.  Sigh….20140606-060900-22140159.jpg

My mom sent a box of goodies yesterday!  Elizabeth couldn’t exercise patience while mommy snapped a picture 🙂


So ta-da!  That’s it!  Tomorrow I’m driving up to Virginia for the day to spend time with my in-laws.  We’re headed to a zoo.  I love day trips!!

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12 thoughts on “Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

  1. Does Elizabeth already have a license to drive? She sure is grown up in such a fancy car! I love that the you brought your farm set to church. We have the same set and the cow and rooster are my favorites. I love the sounds they make! Please let me know if your journey brings you to Northern Virginia!


    • It feels like she’ll be peeling out of the parking lot before I know it! 🙂 I love that farm set too. I wish the duck and pig made better noises, but it makes me smile, seeing her clutch the little barn handle and carry it in to church. We’re headed to Virginia Beach, actually! My in-laws used to live in NoVA, though. Driving from Durham to Virginia Beach is a much easier drive then trying to dodge traffic 🙂


  2. Katie, this blog post was so cute! I loved the pictures 🙂 And the box you received from your mom looked amazing! As always, you are an inspiration!


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