Menu Monday!


Monday!  Another weekend just whizzed by.  We had a blast up in Virginia on Saturday.  Elizabeth’s first trip to the zoo was a success!

In unrelated news, I finally have a Twitter account.  I’m learning the ropes, so if you’d like to follow me and give me tips, I’d appreciate all the help I can get!  And I promise I’ll follow you back!

Shameless plug over.

The menu this week has some new-to-me items.  I’ve been craving Asian food (instead of Mexican, for once) and wanted to try to make Spicy Basil Tofu.  Then, the current issue of Cook’s Illustrated arrived, and it had a recipe for Singapore Noodles.  Sounded interesting, and will hopefully satisfy my cravings!

If this is your first time visiting for Menu Monday, then welcome!  This is where I share my weekly dinner menu, along with recipes.  We are a vegetarian family, so if you are also meatless, or looking for ideas for a Meatless Monday, then you’re at the right place! For more information on how I menu plan, look at this.

California BLT’s
(Blog post coming soon!)

Spicy Basil Tofu
(Haven’t tried before, but adapting from this recipe from Cooking Light)

Mexican Pizza
(From Field of Greens, pg. 180)
I should do a recipe post on this too – this pizza is amazing!

Tomato Pesto Pasta
(See previous post for recipe)

Tacos with Peach & Raspberry Cobbler for dessert

Singapore Noodles
(From Cook’s Illustrated)
Unfortunately you can only view the recipe if you subscribe. If it’s good, I’ll try to post it!

Paninis with Leftover Tomato Pesto

*Grocery store this week: Food Lion

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