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I’ve mentioned before about my dislike of summer.  The hot weather, the clothes…. bleh.  BUT thankfully, summer does bring one of my favorite things – stripes and nautical-themed accessories!  This is what I’m craving right now!

I have been wanting to get a pair of pink jeans or trousers for quite a while now! I just know it would pair perfectly with the hundreds of stripes I own (it’s a sickness, really).  I’d love to add that striped shirt to the collection!

Thankfully, I can also find nautical items everywhere!  The jewelry is especially calling my name.  I’m not a huge ring wearer (besides my wedding rings), but aren’t those knot rings so sweet?

What’s your favorite summer trend?

4 thoughts on “Summer Nautical | Style & Home

  1. I have a pair of pink jeans and I LOVE them! I’ve really been wanting a pair of mint skinnies without paying an arm and a leg. They were huge last year, but I missed out since I was pregnant.

    Also, I just discovered C. Wonder when I was in Charleston. They have such cute accessories!


    • High Five for not buying the mint skinnies because you were pregnant! Same boat here last year. But the pink jeans – I’ve got to have one pair!

      C. Wonder is adorable – they have one here at our mall in Durham, and I have to walk by so fast when I’m there, or else I’m buying everything in the store 🙂


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