The Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag
1. Riviera Weekend Bag by Monsoon | 2. Anchor Weekender by Sloane Ranger | 3. Girl Meets Voyage Weekender Bag at Modcloth | 4. Southwest Bound Weekend Bag by Forever 21 | 5. Getaway-Green Ikat by Stella & Dot | 6. The Weekender Bag by Kate Spade Saturday


I’ve been looking for a great Weekender bag to take as my carry on/diaper bag for our 2 week trip to Michigan.  I will have more items to haul on to the plane for both baby and me, and my Skip Hop Studio and my Skip Hop Duo French Stripe diaper bags just won’t cut it.

I am picky about bags, and have big criteria when I’m looking for a Weekender:

  1. Zippered closure – I want my bag to be able to zip completely closed.  I don’t want it to tip over in the airport security line or on the plane and have my contents spill all over the place.
  2. Structured – While the duffel bag style types may be nice, I prefer a bag that’s structured.  I think it looks better when you have it over your shoulder.  Plus, if you need the Weekender bag for something besides going out of town, it doesn’t look like you’re shlepping your suitcase around.
  3. Fun print – while normally I would prefer a more neutral print for a handbag, it’s different for a Weekender.  You’re heading out on vacation! Your Weekender should be fun!  Now, if I was paying $600 for a Weekender bag, I might stick to something neutral (tan leather, for example), but when you aren’t paying too much, make it a fun print!

Once I snag a Weekender and get it packed as my carryon, I’ll be sure to show off what I’ve got!

What’s your favorite Weekender Bag? Do you have one?

17 thoughts on “The Weekender Bag

  1. I tend to be all about function. Nothing matches, but everything is relatively neutral. I do have a large canvas beach tote type bag I picked up when were on a cruise that I sometimes use as a “personal” bag when flying. It holds everything!


    • Great idea! And, hey! If it’s all neutral, then it all matches! I love the big totes for hauling on to the planes. Or even, if they’re flexible enough, stashing one in my suitcase for the last minute souvenirs that need to come home.


  2. Never really thought about it. Since I don’t need a diaper bag anymore I get away with a back pack when I need it. Not very fashionable… But it works. I would LOVE to get into bags. Maybe that will be my reward for my next weightloss goal.


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