Daily Schedule of a Stay at Home Mom


I have always been a schedule-driven person.  Schedules keep me on task and it ensures that I keep productive throughout the day, because while I may be a schedule-driven person, I am also a closet Lazy Person.

So, when I transitioned to my new life as a Stay at Home Mom, I decided to make myself a schedule to make sure I didn’t forget any day to day tasks.  Besides being a mom and keeping a home, I also have blog responsibilities and work for clients (I’m a marketing consultant, doing work from home).

Sharing my schedule with you isn’t meant to be braggy.  I enjoy reading how other people schedule their days, and then I try do a little tweaking!  My schedule also isn’t to make it seem like I have it all together.  Trust me – this schedule doesn’t happen like this every single day.  This is what I HOPE happens every day.

Here’s an example of my typical day:

5:00am – Wake up and quiet time; Work on blog
6:30am – Breakfast with husband, clean up, then start to get ready for day
7:00am – Baby wakes up; Fix baby breakfast; Play time
8:30am – Bath time
9:00am – Baby’s first nap, then tackle more computer work
10:30am – Baby wakes up, do some housework with her
11:00am – Snack, then run errands
12:00pm – Lunch & Play time
1:00pm – Baby’s afternoon nap, tackle blog/work items
3:00pm – Baby wakes up & have snack; Tackle more housework
4:00pm – Prep dinner, husband comes home
4:30pm – Dinner time, then clean up
5:00pm – Baby play time
6:00pm – Get baby ready for bed
6:30pm – Baby in bed.  Go downstairs and pick up toys
7:00pm – Watch TV with husband
8:00pm – Shower
8:30pm – Tackle more client work (if needed)
9:30pm – Bed time!

It looks intense all written out. I promise it’s not!  Basically, when Elizabeth is up, I try to stay away from the computer and phone, and tackle housework only.  She loves coming around the house with me, starting laundry, vacuuming, and so on.  When she’s asleep, that’s when I work on the computer and finish either blog work or work for my clients.

I find that when I stick to the same routine every day, it flows well!  And by tackling a little housework each day, I don’t have one day where it feels overwhelming.

Do you stick to a schedule?  Even if you don’t stay at home like me, do you find that a schedule helps you stay on track?  Or are you a to-do list person instead?  Tell me all about it!

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17 thoughts on “Daily Schedule of a Stay at Home Mom

  1. So interesting to see your schedule because I think we’re in pretty similar situations, with kiddos right about the same age. I’m sort of a stay at home mom in that I work from home (and take care of everything else around the house…reality of marriage to a resident!), but though I have a flexible schedule that some weeks is fairly light, I technically am a full time employee. And I couldn’t make that happen without my part-time nanny! My little guy naps less (and isn’t always consistent about how long or when they happen – which is sooo hard for me as a schedule lover!), and he goes to bed a whole two hours later.


    • I think having a full time job at home, AND taking care of baby/hubby/home is one of the HARDEST jobs out there. I work just part time, and I can barely fit it all in, so high five to you, Anne! I agree – when we go through inconsistent nap times around here, I go crazy! I usually have every nap mapped out as to what must be accomplished, and when it doesn’t happen, the rest of my day gets thrown off. Oh well! Such is life 🙂


  2. Oh, Katie! Bless you for writing this out. I had this particular idea on my topic list for next week. It is daunting for me to switch to a SAHM as my whole job was regimented by bells. (Former teacher) I am going to do something very similar as I try my best to stay away from technology when my guy is awake.


    • It was hard for me as well, purely from a “will I be a lazy mess??” perspective. The schedule isn’t perfect every day, but staying busy during nap times helped me to stay focused on my daughter when she was awake. You can do it!! I’m looking forward to your post!!


  3. When my son was a baby it always seemed like I went through my whole day without really getting anything done. Count yourself as lucky that you get until 7a.m. for wake-up time. My son was up at 5 every day (no matter what time he went to bed).Great post!


  4. It’s fun to peak into your life Katie! 🙂 Mine has been literally crazy lately and I spend WAY TO MUCH time on the internet. I have been praying about how to balance my life more. It’s hard, especially now that I have a blog. You have inspired me to write out my schedule as well! 🙂


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