Menu Monday!


Happy Monday!  Hope your weekend was extra fabulous.  We spent loads of time with sweet friends, which was glorious!

If this is your first time visiting for Menu Monday, then welcome!  This is where I share my weekly dinner menu, along with recipes.  We are a vegetarian family, so if you are also meatless, or looking for ideas for a Meatless Monday, then you’re at the right place! For more information on how I menu plan, look at this.

This week’s menu is being borrowed from a previous week.  Forgive me – I have no idea which one!  I just grabbed one of my paper versions 🙂  And woohoo!  Apparently only 2 Mexican genre dinners.  When does that ever happen?

California Vegetarian BLTs
(Blog post linked)

Thai Basil Tofu
(From Pinterest)

Mexican Pizza
(From Fields of Greens – plan on snapping pics of the steps for a blog post next week!)

Tomato Pesto Pasta
(My own recipe)

(Basically, build-your-own taco salad)

Drunken Noodles
(From Pinterest)

Paninis with leftover pesto, roasted red peppers & carmelized onions

Need ideas for dinner?  Follow my Pinterest board – it’s where I save all of my dinner ideas!

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15 thoughts on “Menu Monday!

  1. Ooh, I like this tomato pesto idea – between our garden and our CSA box, we’re on tomato overload! Looks like a great (and tasty) way to use up a bunch.


    • It was really good when we made it the first time! If you like things to have a bit more sauce, I would recommend doubling or even tripling the sauce recipe as the recipe as is doesn’t give you much sauce to enjoy. Hope you like it!!


  2. I love your menu mondays! It totally helps give me ideas for the week. I need some unconventional ideas, it feels like we eat a lot of mexican and italian. I really want to make some nutritious meals that don’t involve tortillas or pasta. Any ideas for things that have worked well. R hates salads and soups, so its slightly more of a challenge.


    • Thanks! Hmmm that is a challenge, because we eat a lot of Mexican here 🙂 but what about trying some Indian or Thai? I find that Thai is a little easier as far as prep/ingredients if making from scratch, and I’ve had good luck ignoring the fish/oyster sauce ingredients and subbing in extra soy sauce. My favorite food blog right now is for really yummy vegetarian recipes full of flavor.


      • True! Thanks for the ideas! We are trying to stay away from all the carbs too haha! It’s been challenging to find lots of recipes! I’ll eat basically anything, but Robert is really tricky!


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