Menu Monday!


Happy Monday!  Did you have a nice weekend? We had a fairly quiet one, which was nice for a change! Plus, we had cool down with the weather.  It was actually decent enough to go on a hike yesterday afternoon! Rare!

If this is your first time visiting for Menu Monday, then welcome!  This is where I share my weekly dinner menu, along with recipes.  We are a vegetarian family, so if you are also meatless, or looking for ideas for a Meatless Monday, then you’re at the right place!

This week’s menu is on the short side! We’ll be visiting family for Labor Day weekend.  Yay us!  These are all “new to me” recipes down below, except for the burgers.  Fun!

Enchilada Spaghetti
(Swapping chicken for can of black beans, and will add corn)

Huevos Racheros
(Making a batch of black beans)

Veggie Burgers with Carmelized Onions & Fotina

Indian Lentil Curry

Need ideas for dinner?  Follow my Pinterest board – it’s where I save all of my dinner ideas, not to mention add notes after I’ve made them with any subs or tweaks I did.

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6 thoughts on “Menu Monday!

  1. All sounds great as usual! We tried your tomato pesto last night… except we didn’t have walnuts and we had several large heirloom tomatoes that needed to be used up, rather than cherry tomatoes. Sooo, not exactly the recipe (kinda runny in fact), so I guess I’ll have to try again. But still pretty tasty on top of pasta!


    • I’ve used walnuts, pine nuts and no nuts before in the pesto, so the nuts are definitely customizable. Poo that the heirloom tomatoes didn’t work. Probably just scooping the juice/seeds out first before throwing them in the food processor would have worked! At least it tasted good, that’s the important thing 🙂


  2. I really need to start meal planning again. I kind of do it in my head, but it was so much smoother when I actually had it written out.

    The lentil curry sounds delicious! My husband hates beans, but I think I could pull off lentils if I didn’t tell him what they were first 😉


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