30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge | Fall Edition


Tada! Cue exciting trumpet fanfare!

I am so excited for this.

If you missed the July version, let me quickly walk you through how this works.

I picked 30 items from my wardrobe (tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories). The challenge is to make 30 unique outfits, every day, for the next 30 days.

Every day, on Instagram and Twitter, I’ll post a photo of my OOTD (I apologize now for being obnoxious on your feed). Then every Thursday, I’ll post the week’s 6 outfits. Since I’m doing 6 outfits at a time, it will take 5 weeks to wrap up the challenge!

Make sense? I hope so!

It was so hard to pick the 30 items. I have so many pieces that I absolutely love in my Fall/Winter wardrobe. So narrowing it down to just 30 was a challenge on its own.

I made the decision not include shoes and handbags in the 30 items count. First, I just enjoy all my shoes for Fall. I can’t help it. There are also a few I’m determined to use more!

Second, I decided to challenge myself to use more of my handbags. I have a really nice collection of handbags, but hate that I’m really just using diaper bags all the time. To be honest, I don’t really need to carry a diaper bag around every day.  So I’ve made a challenge in a challenge 🙂 Sneaky.

Alright! On to what I’ve picked for the 30 items! You’ll see a few familiar pieces from the last challenge as well as the items I showed in my Fall Haul!IMG_5143.JPG

Shirts (Short Sleeves) from L to R

Polkadot Top (Similar) | Sleeveless Tank (Similar) | Striped Lace Top | Grey Top with Peter Pan Collar | White Collared Knit Top (Old) | Me… to fill the last space of the collage… sorry.IMG_5141.JPG

Long Sleeved Tops & Cardigans from L to R

Polkadot Collared Shirt | Chambray Shirt (Similar) | Striped Shirt with Gold Collar | Yellow Top | Polkadot Cardigan (Similar) | Orange Cardigan (Similar)IMG_5139.JPG

Dresses & Bottoms from L to R

Navy Dress (Similar) | Black Dress with Leather Detail (Similar) | Giraffe Print Dress (Sort of similar) | Floral Skirt (Not Similar, but cute!) | Black Knit Pants | Blue Dress Pants (Similar) | Skinny Jeans (Not pictured)IMG_5140.JPG

 Outerwear & Scarves from L to R

Trench (Similar) | Navy Blazer | Utility Jacket | Pink Scarf (Similar) | Multicolored Scarf  (Similar) | Plaid Scarf (Similar)IMG_5138.JPGAccessories from L to R

Orange Necklace (Similar color) | Cluster Pearl Necklace | Boyfriend Watch (Similar) | Bracelet Watch (Similar in Gold) | Green Bead Necklace (Similar) | Pearl Bow Necklace (Similar)

So what do you think? I’ve already got some new outfit ideas floating around in my head.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Twitter to keep track of the daily outfits. And check back here on Thursdays for the weekly recap!

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10 thoughts on “30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge | Fall Edition

  1. I admire that there are only three pants in your fall wardrobe. I always want to wear more skirts and dresses, but than I take again the good old jeans. So i’m really looking forward to see your outfit ideas


  2. Ooh, love your picks! I was so tempted by both of those Boden tops as soon as I saw them in the catalog. I’m impressed that you included accessories in this, which reduces the clothing numbers a decent bit – that’ll be a lot of mixing & matching! But with all those versatile and great pieces, I think it’ll be pretty easy. I’m finding that with my capsule wardrobe, anyway – haven’t even worn a bunch of the items, and I’m a month in. You do have to figure out a balance though of picking few enough items to challenge yourself to be creative and not limiting yourself too much so that you can actually enjoy/wear what’s in your closet! Looking forward to seeing your recaps.


    • Thanks!! The balance is the hard thing. After the last 30×30 I realized there were a few things I didn’t wear at all. I suspect this may be the same thing… I was really debating what to include, like the accessories. I think this one will be much harder, since I’m typically a top and pants kind of girl. The mixing will be a challenge this time.


  3. I love this idea! I’ve seen this done before, and always wanted to do it. I may have to plan one for this winter! I’ll be done nursing then so I will have more options. Looking forward to seeing your outfits 🙂


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