30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge | Day 1 – 6 Recap

30 Outfits in 30 Days Fall Edition - Day 1-6 at Cup of Tea

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First 6 days are done for the 30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge!  If you’re not sure what’s up, you can read more here.  But, long story short: I chose 30 items from my closet, and challenged myself to make 30 unique outfits for the next 30 days!

Here are my thoughts from this week’s outfits.

*FYI – I’m just now seeing that I put the pictures in the collage in the wrong order! So let’s just roll with it 🙂

Most Worn Item | This turned out to be my ponte pants from J Crew Factory! These are the most comfy pants ever!

Favorite Outfit | I LOVE Day 4. It was a good combo, and I loved those shoes with the pants. I wore that outfit on a busy party day, and got many compliments (that instantly puts outfits in the “must rewear” cateogry). But, if I’m honest, pretty much every outfit this week was great.

Least Favorite Outfit | Can I say none? I liked them all!

This Week’s Surprise | Day 1’s outfit! I decided that on Day 1, I would just do something COMPLETELY new to me. The shirt was new, and I initially thought the shirt and pants wouldn’t go together. But I really liked it together.

Hardest Thing About This Week | Nothing to do with the clothes themselves, but this week was just super busy because we’re in full party mode for Elizabeth’s First birthday on Saturday. So it was just hard to get pictures taken each day.

Also, so glad I decided not to narrow down my shoes and purses to include them in the 30 items. It’s been fun to try to incorporate them. But, I’m regretting a smidge that I included my 3 jackets in the 30 items. Let’s face it, I spend most of my time inside… anyway, it’s called a “challenge” for a reason 🙂

So let’s recap each outfit! (oh hey, Katie’s bedroom! New picture location! Which, funny enough, means my tripod is set up in the room. So if you have NO idea what’s going on, you just walk by the room, see a tripod set up facing the bed… weird)

Recap of first 6 outfits in 30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge on Cup of Tea

Day 1 | Top, Pants (similar), Necklace (similar), Bag (similar), Shoes (similar)

Day 2 | Top, Pants (similar), Necklace, Shoes (similar), Bag (similar)

Day 3 | Dress (kind of similar), Blazer, Necklace, Shoes (similar), Bag (sort of similar)

Day 4 | Top (similar), Pants, Shoes (similar), Necklace, Bag (similar with bow detail)

Day 5 | Top, Pants, Shoes (similar), Bag (similar with bow detail)

Day 6 | Top (similar), Chambray Top (similar), Pants, Shoes (similar), Scarf (similar)

Favorite Outfit? Favorite item?? I thought it was a pretty good week! And really, with the exception of Day 6, there were no “safe” outfits. They were mostly all new-to-me outfits as well.

Stay tuned next Thursday for another 6 day recap!

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13 thoughts on “30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge | Day 1 – 6 Recap

  1. Ponte pants are the best! Soooo cute with the sequin collar top. And I wear jackets/coats indoors all the time (my house is never warm enough for my liking), so I say make ’em part of your outfit 🙂


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