Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Another week, another Friday! Mercy me!


1. This week flew by! I’m still recovering from the party last week, but at least the house is back to normal!

2. I still can’t believe I have a One Year Old! And I feel like this week Elizabeth has been doing silly, new things! For example, I was down on the floor wiping up the schmuk under her high chair (sigh… my least favorite task). I looked over at Elizabeth, and she had grabbed a section of the paper towel and was wiping the floor too! Adorable! So naturally I had to go to the Dollar Store to buy some things for her very own cleaning kit! (Train ’em young!)

Cleaning up at Cup of Tea

3. It’s finally feeling a little cooler consistently around here! I managed to squeeze in a few walks in the afternoons! Joy!

4. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a dark, berry lip just around the house, right? Is that too much? I hope not, because I’m doing it. I’ve mentioned over and over again that I love the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #127. You can see me wearing it MANY times in my recent 30 Outfits in 30 Days post. (Yikes! That was a lot of links!)

5. And then, yay! Remember the giveaway with Tif from Bright on a Budget and Della from Della Devoted? Did you enter? Well we have a winner! Click here to see if you’ve won! If you are the lucky winner,  email me at ktcupoftea(at)gmail.com and I’ll hook you up! Thanks for participating! It was such fun!!!!

Falling Into Basics Giveaway

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!  Have a great weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

  1. I did the same thing this past week… I was admiring my bright painted lips in the mirror and wondering what people would think if that bright color lasted on my lips all day. I was thinking it brought out the color of my eyes. But lipstick fades…

    I love that you got Elizabeth a cleaning kit! How fun! 🙂


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