Menu Monday #27


How’s it going? Hope you had a lovely weekend! We had a pretty busy one, but the weather was beautiful!!

This week, I’m going to be lazy. I was cruising Pinterest last week, and I stumbled upon Oh My Veggies, a vegetarian food blog, and her weekly menus. Y’all, I think from this point forward I can just skip my menu planning. 🙂 She has the links to all the recipes (whether it’s hers or another blogger’s) and THEN a printable menu/shopping list! Genius.

So this week, just for kicks, I’m going to try one of her recent vegetarian menus. Since there are only 5 dinner items on her menu, I’ll cook one more meal. I had a friend on Facebook post that she felt like Thanksgiving food, so she just made it! Stuffing and all. I’ll admit, that sounds delicious!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday meal, but it’s a shame we only eat it once a year. So I thought I’d do a mini version this week.

I’m also feeling like it’s Fall baking time. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without something! I’m feeling like an apple dessert of some sort. These Apple Crisp bars look amazing, but so do these Apple Dumplings from Lemon Jelly Cake! Decisions, decisions.

So anyway, if you want to follow along, check out the menu I’ll be using here. Or cruise through other weekly menus from Oh My Veggies!

Need more ideas for dinner?  Follow my Pinterest board – it’s where I save all of my dinner ideas!

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4 thoughts on “Menu Monday #27

  1. Mmm, apple crisp bars do sound good! There’s no shortage of amazing apple recipes, as I know quite well from when I was trying out a bunch for my apple week. 😉 Thanks for the link love!


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