30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge Fall Edition | Days 25 – 30 Recap

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Yay! The last 6 outfits! It’s always a bitter sweet feeling when I finish these up. I’m happy it’s over, because these challenges are a lot of work AND I’m itching to wear other stuff. And, let’s be honest – I started running out of ideas. But it’s such a satisfying feeling to know you’ve found new and fun outfits out of clothes you just pulled from your closet.

But anyway, here are Days 25-30! If you’re not sure what’s up, you can read more here.  But, long story short: I chose 30 items from my closet, and challenged myself to make 30 unique outfits for the next 30 days!

Here are my thoughts from this week’s outfits.

Most Worn Item | It looks like it was my cluster pearl necklace. I love this necklace! So versatile and easy to wear. If a necklace can be easy to wear….

Favorite Outfit | Sigh… several! So hard to pick one. But love the look of Day 3 & 4. They are comfy outfits! But look put together.

Least Favorite Outfit | Day 2 is a good outfit! But not loving it, on me, in picture form. I have a short waist, so tucked in shirts look funny on me. Pair a tucked in shirt with a full volume skirt, and I look a little off balance. But can we talk about those shoes???

This Week’s Surprise | In the Fall, it seems that I gravitate towards outfits that have a topper to them, like a cardigan or jacket. Every outfit, except one, includes that. Huh!

Hardest Thing About This Week | I should have pre-planned out outfits better. I had a hard time picking outfits that weren’t already done. Next time, I need to just map out options ahead of time.

Anywho, let’s recap the outfits! But don’t forget to stop by Tuesday for a recap of the entire 30 days, plus lessons learned and tips if you want to do this yourself.

*FYI – no affiliate or sponsored links in this post. I’m just not that cool.

30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge Day 25-30 with Cup of Tea

Day 1 | Chambray Shirt (similar);  Collared Top; PantsPearl Necklace; Boots

Day 2 | Top; Skirt (not similar, but cute!); Blazer; Booties (similar); Necklace (similar)

Day 3 | Top (sold out now); PantsPearl Necklace; Boots; Blazer

Day 4 | Chambray Shirt (similar); Cardigan (similar); Jeans; Shoes (similar); Pearl Necklace; Watch (similar)

Day 5 | Top; Cardigan (similar); Jeans; Shoes (similar); Necklace (similar)

Day 6 | Top (on sale!); Jeans; Shoes (similar)

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9 thoughts on “30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge Fall Edition | Days 25 – 30 Recap

  1. Even if I didn’t do the 30×30 challenge, I felt inspired to look on my clothes in a different way. So, I have created some “new to me” outfits in october. And now, on my personal recap I recognize that a trouser, a cardigan and a necklace which I had have in my closet but didn’t wear often, now become favorite pieces, because I had the courage to style it in new ways. Yeah! Thanks for your inspiration!!!


    • Oh excellent, Fee! Isn’t it funny how some items get stuck in the back of the closet, but then become favorites? I actually chose a few pieces just like that for this challenge, to force myself to use them! I figured if I didn’t really like them, they needed to go. Good for you!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So cute! I have loved following along on this challenge! I do think, however, that you may need to get rid of the skirt from Day 2. You’ve just not been a fan of it the whole challenge!lol. I think it looks cute on you, but your posts indicate that you are so not in love with it.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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