DIY Planner | Moleskine Hack UPDATE

Moleskine Planner Update on Cup of Tea
Remember the post about my DIY Moleskine Planner? I basically took this plain Moleskine notebook and added my own hand drawn calender and to-do areas to make my own perfect planner, customized just the way I like it!

I’ve been using the planner since August, so I figured it was time for an update, as I have made a few tweaks to it.

But, first thing’s first – this planner still rocks my socks. I can’t stress how much I love having a weekly to-do list, sorted by category, instead of a daily to-do list. Some days you’re just really productive with cleaning – you get in a groove! Other days, it feels like a blogging/computer work day. It’s quite freeing!

I did find, though, that I was missing a way to track appointments/deadlines each day. While it may be nice for some to-dos to have a whole week to get accomplished, some things have deadlines. My current set up was too messy.

So right now, I’m trying a new layout in my Moleskine planner. It’s a 2×6 grid. The left column is week days, for appointments, deadlines, and things that HAVE to get done that day. The right column is dedicated to my to-do categories. Right now it’s Home, Blog, Work, Church and Other. I eliminated the Errands/Appts category because I know have the left column.

New Weekly Planner Layout for the DIY Moleskine Planner Hack

And then, the bottom left and right boxes are for Saturday and Sunday.

I write appointments and deadline tasks on the left, and then any other to-dos to be accomplished by the week’s end on the right, in its appropriate space.

Close up of the new weekly layout for the DIY Planner Moleskine Hack

It’s a little different from the past set up. Before it was a 2×3 grid, with a box for each task category. See below for a side-by-side comparison (old layout on left, new layout on right). There is less space to write weekly to-dos, but it hasn’t been a problem, since some to-dos get added to the daily slot.

Old vs. New Weekly Layout of the DIY Planner Moleskine Hack

I’ve been using this set up for a month now, and I’ve just about hit planner perfection! So basically, it’s a weekly planner with monthly views. The layout is a month view, and then the weekly views for that month. Then the next month, and so on. I love it!

The final “phase” in my planner vamp is just making sure I set aside “planner time” every evening and every Sunday. That way I can organize my thoughts and action items for the next day or the next week. I still need to work that into my routine.

Even though I absolutely LOVE my DIY Moleskine hack, I still love drooling over a few planners!

if I had to buy a new planner (and it’s so tempting!), here are a few I’d definitely consider.

Daily To Do Instant Download from Printable Wisdom source

Printable Daily Schedule from Printable Wisdom (Etsy) | If you like the simplicity of a one sheet-er that you can print yourself, this one is adorable! It has space for errands to run, calls to make, etc. I’d probably use this one for a weekly to-do list. You could haul this file down to your local Kinkos and print them off and have them spiral bound, if you want!

Weekly To-Do List from Lizzie Lou Creations


Weekly To Do List Printable from Lizzie Lou Creations (Etsy) | If you’re looking for another printable but more simple/flexible, then this one is a great option as well! It would look nice even printed in black and white. The same Etsy shop has a cute weekly to-do list with additional categories that looks like it would be fun to have.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner



Simplified Planner – Weekly Edition from Emily Ley | First of all, all of Emily’s products are adorable! But this planner, in particular, is spot on! (No pun intended! Well, maybe a little intended…) I love the navy and polka dots! But the inside is really what stands out. It’s just simplified. No bells or whistles. There is just enough guidance with prompts to keep you on task, but clean enough to let you organize it your own way.

Kate Spade Planner


Kate Spade Large Agenda | I love this cover! So cute! But, like the Simplified Planner, the actual pages are so simple and clean. No fuss. Which is what I would look for in a planner.

So what do you think? Are you a paper planner person? Or all electronic? Would you DIY your own planner? Let me know!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Planner | Moleskine Hack UPDATE

  1. Funny you should blog about this! I’ve had planners on my mind a TON lately. I currently use a cheapo Target calendar and scribble my notes/plans pretty haphazardly for each day. It works for me, but I sometimes wish it was a little more structured. I can’t make up my mind though if I want more structure to my planner or if I just want to keep on with what I’ve got. I love fancy, colorful, organized planners, but I’m worried they would just make things more complicated for me, you know? Either way, I have to have a plan or I forget things and my day goes WAY off track!


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