Menu Monday #29


Yay Monday! A new, fresh week. Hope you had a nice weekend.

Before I get sharing the menu plan for this week, don’t forget to sign up for the Tis the Season Mug Swap! The deadline is coming up quickly!! Sign up, then spread the word! You can read more or sign up here.

Now back to the menu!

For more information on how I menu plan, look at this. But if this is your first time reading a Menu Monday post, this is where I post what we’ve got on our dinner menu for the week. And, as always, I have links to as many recipes as I can reference. Some, though, are just “open a can” or “microwave that”. You know what I’m saying??

Easy Vegetarian Meatballs

Veggie Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce
(My own little DIY)

Mexican Lasagna

Big salad of some sort

Friday (Soup Night):
Black Bean Soup with Corn Bread
(From the Fields of Greens cookbook)



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Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Woohoo! Friday!!

Just got a little ol’ recap of our week for you!

First up, though, if you haven’t signed up for the Tis the Season Mug Swap yet, do it now! Caitlin at Coffee with Caitlin and I are hosting, and we are so excited!! You can sign up here.


1. This week was definitely productive in terms of housework! I knocked a few things off my to do list, which always feels good.

2. Our weather here went from gorgeous and warm to overcast and cool. Before the weather turned, Elizabeth and I spent some time collecting leaves. She loved it!


3. Things were a little quiet around here since my husband’s been gone to his conference. But Wednesday some friends and I got together for dinner. We were all flying solo with our kiddos, so it was nice to have dinner together.

4. There is another fun activity being cooked up with Caitlin, myself, Della at Della Devoted and Tif at Bright on a Budget. Stay tuned!!

5. Ive been praying and grieving for someone this week. You may have seen it. Someone we knew from our church when we lived in California lost his wife AND his baby boy, who was delivered at 24 weeks by emergency c section. You can read more here. But this has just been on my thoughts and in my prayers all week. If you have a moment, would you pray for Chris? Such a tragic loss!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge Fall Edition | Recap

30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge on Cup of Tea
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Fall Edition KickOff
  | Days 1-6 | Days 7-12 | Day 13-18 | Day 19-24 | Day 25-30

Can you believe the 30 days are up already? I swear, this Fall has been the fastest in history. This time last year, there was a newborn involved… so maybe that’s why it feels faster this time?

Also, now that this is done, I need to think of some new outfit series, because they are my favorite to read on other blogs, and they’re just fun to do. If you have any tips/suggestions/ideas, lay them on me!

Anyway, I digress.

Today, I thought I would recap ALL 30 outfits, just so we can see them one after the other. Plus, it’s shocking how repetitive the outfits are when you see them all together. If you’re not sure what’s up, you can read more here.  But, long story short: I chose 30 items from my closet, and challenged myself to make 30 unique outfits for the next 30 days!

Most Worn Item | I won’t count the bottoms, because they of course were the most worn.  My most used accessory was my cluster pearl necklace! Love that piece! And the most worn piece was my chambray shirt! So versatile! I used that in 8 of the outfits.

Favorite Outfit | Outfit 4 may have been my favorite! It was a “new to me” outfit, and I thought the polkadot top, black knit pants and my black booties went together so well! I also loved Outfit 13, the chambray shirt paired with my orange cardigan. I’ve done variations of a theme with that since.

Least Favorite Outfit | I mentioned this throughout the challenge – I didn’t have any outfits I disliked! I had a few pieces, though, that just didn’t jive for me, like the full floral skirt. Maybe full skirts aren’t my thing for my body shape?

The Challenge Surprise | Can I confess something? I’ve added the cobalt blue dress pants to my donate pile. I know! Shocking! They are pretty cute. I love the color! But dress pants (and cropped ones at that) are just not practical for my every day life now. If I want to get dressed up, I’d prefer to wear a dress. If I was working out of the home, I’d keep them. No brainer. This is why I included them in the challenge – just to see if they would fit in my current lifestyle. And they don’t.

Things I Learned This Time Around | This challenge, compared to the summer version, really showed me what I gravitate towards in my wardrobe. I tend to pick color or pattern for tops, and then darker/solid bottoms. And I love jackets and cardigans. I already mentioned my discovery that dress pants just don’t fit in my current life. And knit pants are amazing.

If you’re wanting to do something similar, whether it’s on your blog or just for fun on your own, let me share a few tips:

1. When it comes to picking the 30 items, pick one or two items you haven’t worn in a long time, just to make sure you still like it! That way you can get it back into regular rotation if you love it (like my boxy polka dot top) or you know to donate and say good bye (like my cobalt blue dress pants).

2. Be smart about your 30 items. I really shouldn’t have included outerwear in my 30. And I also included WAY too many dressy items. I did this because I needed things for church every week. But choosing 3 dresses that are basically an outfit on their own limited my outfit options with my casual outfits. I could have done 10 different “dressy” outfits easily! But that’s not real life here. Maybe I should do “30 days of Work Outfits”? I have plenty of material for that still!

3. Accessories were also tricky to include in the 30 count. I included too many! I only really used one scarf out of the three. And I forget to wear watches regularly, so I forgot to add them to outfits. I guess what I’m saying is I could have snuck in an extra shirt instead of a scarf.

4. Whether you plan to blog your own challenge or not, when you’re picking out your 30 items, do a little outfit pre-planning. Lay the items out on the floor and snap pictures of outfit ideas. And then, if you’re blogging the outfits, try to actually track how many outfits you have and plan which outfits are for which days. I got so confused at the end of what I had or had not worn because I didn’t pre-plan outfits.

5. Finally, if you’re taking pictures of the outfits, try to take multiple OOTD pictures in a day! It’s handy.

So bottom line – pre-plan before you start your 30 days, and be smarter about your 30 item choices.

And now, without further ado, the 30 outfits!

Recap of first 6 outfits in 30 Outfits 30 Days Challenge on Cup of Tea

30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge Days 7-12Recap of Outfits 13-18 for 30 Outfits in 30 Days on Cup of TeaIMG_623230 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge Day 25-30 with Cup of Tea


That’s…. a lot of me…. *sigh

But do you have a favorite?? I’ve already worn a few of these already!

Also, if you have any ideas for another outfit/style series, let me know! I’m already test-driving a “30 Days of Yoga Pants”, thanks to a brainstorm with Tif from Bright on a Budget 🙂 Good idea, right??

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Tis the Season Mug Swap – 2014

Tis the Season Mug Swap 2014


Excited doesn’t describe that jazzy feeling I have right now, y’all!

I’m teaming up with my wonderful blogging friend Caitlin at Coffee with Caitlin to do a festive Mug Swap!

*Jazz hands here*

Haven’t heard of a Mug Swap before? It’s a grown up version of a pen pal! Basically, you sign up. We give you a partner to swap with. Get to know one another via email. Shop for the perfect mug, and mail!

Here are the details:

1. Sign up using this link by November 24.

2. We’ll email you your partner’s email information by November 26. Send each other an email, and get to know one another so you can find the perfect mug!

3. Be sure to mail your mug to your partner by December 10, whether that’s buying one locally and packing up/mailing OR shipping from online. Either way!

4. Be sure to stick to the timeline. You want to make sure your partner gets a mug!! If you can’t get a hold of your partner, let us know ASAP so we can help out. Or if you’re unable to participate, let us know too so we can reassign your partner.

5. We want to see your mugs after the swap! Snap a pic, and tag it with #tistheseasonmug14. Be sure to tag your partner who sent it to you, if you can, and tag Caitlin and me!

If you have any other questions, PLEASE let us know! I’m already dreaming of yummy tea for a new mug. 🙂

Sign Up for the Mug Swap!

Deadlines Recap:

1. Sign Up by November 24

2. Receive partner contact info from us by November 26

3. Get to know your partner and buy a mug

4. Ship new mug to partner by December 10

*NOTE: Not JUST for bloggers! Anyone can sign up!!

Menu Monday! #28


Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend relaxing and enjoyed the time. We had a nice, quiet weekend. Didn’t really do anything. Which, won’t lie, is kind of nice.

This week’s menu is quite minimal. Elizabeth and I will be solo this week. Hubby is gone at a conference. So we’ll just be eating through our stash of food. 🙂 A mom’s dream!!

But, I have been craving a really yummy veggie chicken noodle soup. I’ve been looking for recipes and think I might use this one, but swap out the homemade stock and chicken bits for no-chicken chicken stock.

Anywho, so no menu this week! We’re just eating random things 🙂 Yay!

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