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Hi! My name is Katie. Welcome to my little home here at the Cup of Tea blog. Glad you stopped by!

Tea Time at Cup of Tea blogI love tea.  Loose leaf or in a bag.  In a mug or tea cup and saucer.  Doesn’t matter.  The tea has to be good, though.  I hate weak tea (Lipton!).

So put the kettle on, grab your favorite mug, and read on!

I’m originally from the Buckeye State, the O-H-I-O.  Columbus, to be precise.  And yes, I become obnoxious during College Football season.  I have Midwestern blood running through me, so naturally I hate the Southern summers and love snow.  I went to college in Michigan, where I developed a classic, thick accent, thanks to all my friends from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In 2006, I followed my then-boyfriend to southern California (the Inland Empire, aka IE, aka very dusty and hot), where he was in medical school.  We were married in July of 2007, right smack between the first and second year of med school.

In 2010, we moved to the south for my husband’s internal medicine residency.  We’ve lived in Durham, North Carolina, ever since, and love it!  Can’t picture us moving from here.  I suppose it’s possible (nay, inevitable?), because you’ve got to move where the work is, right?  Thankfully, my Doctor Husband is still in fellowship training, so we get to enjoy NC for a few more years.

So I say Pop instead of Soda; I know what the U.P. is and I’ll show you where I went to college on my hand; I still refer to freeways as “The” 40 and “The” 85; I sometimes say y’all.  I’m a verbal hodgepodge.

8 Month Update | The Cup of Tea BlogWe became parents in October 2013 to our precious daughter, Elizabeth.  She is such a joy! And, truly, we can’t remember what we used to do or talk about before she came along.  You’d better like baby pictures, because if you stick around long enough here or follow me on Instagram, you’ll get your fill.  We have a ham.


Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to contact me, shoot me an email at ktcupoftea@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “About Cup of Tea

  1. Katie- Thank you for stopping by the Simple Life Blog earlier today! Where did you go to school in Michigan? My family is from there so I love seeing where everyone else is from. If you were standing in front of me, I would just ask you to show me on your hand. Hope you have a great Friday!



    • Hey Kara! *Holds up hand 🙂 I went to school in Berrien Springs, which is in the southwest corner. My parents live in Kalamazoo now! I feel like we should start a Midwestern Accents Unite group in The Triangle. Haha thanks for stopping by!!


  2. Haha!! How awesome! My family is in Rochester! Unfortunately, I do not have much of a Midwestern accent…so I would definitely mess up your group! I moved down here as a young girl and grew up in the deep country here, so, needless to say, I sound more southern than midwestern. But, I will support you 🙂


  3. Your daughter is so gorgeous! I love that you’ve lived all over the place! I grew up in Raleigh but now live about 45 minutes from Durham in a verrrrrrrry small NC town (my husband coaches football at Campbell University). So nice to “meet” you and excited to follow along! ❤


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