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Exciting Things are Happening!

Woot woot! Some exciting things are happening behind-the-scenes for this here blog.

Can’t. Wait.

I just had to share. I can’t really spill the beans on one thing, but stay tuned over the weekend for exciting news #1!

Well, it’s exciting to me. May not be for you.

In the meantime, I’m containing my excitement by wrapping Christmas presents and watching Christmas movies.

So I leave you with my favorite scene, from my favorite Christmas movie.

The dickie. It gets me every time.

DIY Planner | Moleskine Hack UPDATE

Moleskine Planner Update on Cup of Tea
Remember the post about my DIY Moleskine Planner? I basically took this plain Moleskine notebook and added my own hand drawn calender and to-do areas to make my own perfect planner, customized just the way I like it!

I’ve been using the planner since August, so I figured it was time for an update, as I have made a few tweaks to it.

But, first thing’s first – this planner still rocks my socks. I can’t stress how much I love having a weekly to-do list, sorted by category, instead of a daily to-do list. Some days you’re just really productive with cleaning – you get in a groove! Other days, it feels like a blogging/computer work day. It’s quite freeing!

I did find, though, that I was missing a way to track appointments/deadlines each day. While it may be nice for some to-dos to have a whole week to get accomplished, some things have deadlines. My current set up was too messy.

So right now, I’m trying a new layout in my Moleskine planner. It’s a 2×6 grid. The left column is week days, for appointments, deadlines, and things that HAVE to get done that day. The right column is dedicated to my to-do categories. Right now it’s Home, Blog, Work, Church and Other. I eliminated the Errands/Appts category because I know have the left column.

New Weekly Planner Layout for the DIY Moleskine Planner Hack

And then, the bottom left and right boxes are for Saturday and Sunday.

I write appointments and deadline tasks on the left, and then any other to-dos to be accomplished by the week’s end on the right, in its appropriate space.

Close up of the new weekly layout for the DIY Planner Moleskine Hack

It’s a little different from the past set up. Before it was a 2×3 grid, with a box for each task category. See below for a side-by-side comparison¬†(old layout on left, new layout on right). There is less space to write weekly to-dos, but it hasn’t been a problem, since some to-dos get added to the daily slot.

Old vs. New Weekly Layout of the DIY Planner Moleskine Hack

I’ve been using this set up for a month now, and I’ve just about hit planner perfection! So basically, it’s a weekly planner with monthly views. The layout is a month view, and then the weekly views for that month. Then the next month, and so on. I love it!

The final “phase” in my planner vamp is just making sure I set aside “planner time” every evening and every Sunday. That way I can organize my thoughts and action items for the next day or the next week. I still need to work that into my routine.

Even though I absolutely LOVE my DIY Moleskine hack, I still love drooling over a few planners!

if I had to buy a new planner (and it’s so tempting!), here are a few I’d definitely consider.

Daily To Do Instant Download from Printable Wisdom source

Printable Daily Schedule from Printable Wisdom (Etsy) | If you like the simplicity of a one sheet-er that you can print yourself, this one is adorable! It has space for errands to run, calls to make, etc. I’d probably use this one for a weekly to-do list. You could haul this file down to your local Kinkos and print them off and have them spiral bound, if you want!

Weekly To-Do List from Lizzie Lou Creations


Weekly To Do List Printable from Lizzie Lou Creations (Etsy) |¬†If you’re looking for another printable but more simple/flexible, then this one is a great option as well! It would look nice even printed in black and white. The same Etsy shop has a cute weekly to-do list with additional categories that looks like it would be fun to have.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner



Simplified Planner – Weekly Edition from Emily Ley | First of all, all of Emily’s products are adorable! But this planner, in particular, is spot on! (No pun intended! Well, maybe a little intended…) I love the navy and polka dots! But the inside is really what stands out. It’s just simplified. No bells or whistles. There is just enough guidance with prompts to keep you on task, but clean enough to let you organize it your own way.

Kate Spade Planner


Kate Spade Large Agenda | I love this cover! So cute! But, like the Simplified Planner, the actual pages are so simple and clean. No fuss. Which is what I would look for in a planner.

So what do you think? Are you a paper planner person? Or all electronic? Would you DIY your own planner? Let me know!

For other Moleskine hacks out there:

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Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Happy Trick or Treat Day!

Can you believe it’s Friday already?? AND that it’s the last day of October?? AND that it’s Halloween? Am I the only one that’s slightly annoyed October is over already?

Now that I’ve lamented and mourned… Here’s what has been happening this week.

1. I’ve been tweaking a few things in my DIY Moleskine planner. I’m planning to do an update in a few weeks once I see if this new tweak is as awesome as it seemed. (Side note – did you know that is one of my most popular posts EVER?? Fast fact.)

2. I mentioned yesterday that I couldn’t do my 30 Outfits in 30 Days post because this sneaky toddler crawled away with my wireless shutter remote. It’s really hard to take #ootd pictures without it! I searched ALL DAY and it never turned up. So I ordered another one. There may be two recap posts next week once it arrives! On a related note, it’s just 6 final outfits and then it’s done!

3. I have a cold. Sigh….. Where did I get a cold from? It seriously appeared out of nowhere.

4. The weather is so nice here! It’s only supposed to be a high of 60 today. Perfect, crisp weather. Break out the scarf and boots, friends!

5. Yesterday, I early voted. I printed off a sample ballot, marked my candidates ahead of time, and then brought it in with me. Smart ūüôā Makes voting an open book test. Elizabeth enjoyed herself too. Snagged a “Future Voter” sticker for her baby book! ¬†But, seriously, get out and VOTE!! It’s your duty.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween/Trick or Treat tonight. We’re not big Halloween people, but I do have a bucket of candy to pass out (and eat. Let’s just face it… mainly eat). And I declared trick or treating with Elizabeth would be a pain, so she’ll get dressed up and help hand out candy tonight.

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below! ¬†Have a great weekend!

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My Favorite Blogs (That I Hope Become Your Favs!)

My Favorite Blogs at Cup of Tea

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve had the best time getting to know other bloggers! It’s just such a hoot swapping stories, getting inspiration, and sharing ideas.

I was featured by Tif over at Bright on a Budget for¬†Tour Around Blogland. Basically, it’s a chance to share some of my¬†favorite bloggers! (Others have also talked about their blog process, but I’m shaking things up!)

I’ve been an avid blog reader for several years now (I actually prefer reading blogs over reading magazines!) and I love being a part of the community, even though I am on a relatively small scale. And when it’s nap time, and a rainy day (like it is today), one of my favorite things is curling up with the lap top and cruising Blog Lovin’ and do a little reading.

So here are a few of my favorite bloggers at the moment!

Bright on a Budget | If you love fashion and beauty, but aren’t willing to break the bank for it, then Tif at Bright on a Budget is your girl! I am always SHOCKED at the amazing deals she scores. My favorite posts are her Wardrobe Re-Wear features, like this one. So clever, that one! She is a serious bargain shopper, but love her every day life posts as well. We will be hosting a giveaway together soon, so stay tuned!

Come Home for Comfort | Whitney at Come Home for Comfort features amazing recipes, clever organizational tips (like this!), and all around good cheer. Every time I read a post of hers, it feels like I should be curled up on her couch, under a cozy blanket, sipping some tea and just chatting. And she’s from the MidWest, so bonus! ūüôā

In Residence | I don’t remember exactly when I stumbled on Anne’s blog, but I loved it the moment I did! First, she’s married to a resident, so we have those fun years of supporting our doctor husbands during their medical training. Second, our kiddos are only a few weeks apart! ¬†Third, and most importantly, her content is so awesome! I especially love her style¬†posts, but her recipes always look delicious. Plus, she always recommends some good reads (in the book form, not blog form).

But First, Coffee | So if you like beauty reviews and makeup tutorials, style, and recipes all with a touch of sarcasm, Kallie is your girl! She was also the host of that fun¬†Mug Swap I mentioned a few weeks back. But, seriously, I love her writing style. I have had tea coming close to shooting out of my nose on several occasions, which is something you don’t expect from reading a mascara review post. While I love reading her posts, her 60 second review videos (like this one) are pretty stellar! Plus, she’s a hot drink fan. That should be enough of an endorsement right there!

Here are a few other favs, grouped by category:

The Small Things Blog
Lauren Elizabeth
Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers
Lily Pebbles
Life with Emily
Vivianna Does Makeup
A Spoonful of Style
Coffee With Caitlin
Polka-Dotty Place
For All Things Lovely

Mommy & Baby:
Hello Bee
The Stir Crazy Moms’ Guide to Durham (if you’re local!)

Cookie and Kate (vegetarian)
Lemon Jelly Cake (she writes about other topics too, but her baking recipes are to die for!)

Organization & DIY:
I Heart Planners
I Heart Arts & Crafts

A bit of a round up for you! Hope you take some time to visit a few new blogs!
Do you have any current favorite blogs? Let me know down below!

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