Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Man this week flew by!  Although, yesterday felt like Friday to me…. don’t you hate it when that happens?

Anyway, on to what we were up to this week!

1. On Wednesday I took a little road trip with a friend and our babies which ended up at the outlet mall.  I was surprisingly restrained there.

2. Wednesday night we met up with hubby’s work folks at Pompieri Pizza, here in Durham.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I was so looking forward to this meal, and it did not disappoint!  I managed to escape without taking pictures, because we dove into our food ASAP.

My husband ordered the BC Pie, which came with mushrooms, goat cheese, roasted garlic, rosemary and olive oil (yum!).  I ordered the White Florian, which was a mix of romano, pecorino, and mozzarella cheese, with fresh garlic and lemon oil (drool!).  Elizabeth happily munched on the crusts 🙂

Oh my word, if you are ever in the Bull City, eat there.  And invite me along.

3. Elizabeth has been favoring eating real food this week, so I’ve been racking my brain at breakfast, lunch and dinner as to what to give her.  We’re basically doing Baby Led Weaning, which we’re enjoying.  This week she inhaled chunks of corn on the cob! She’s also loving blueberries! (Although, I didn’t realize blueberries going in = one big giant blueberry skin coming out.  Gross.)


4. And then, some things to look forward to!  We are hosting a Potluck Brunch at our house on Sunday, and we’re really looking forward to that.  I’ve been zooming around the house prepping for everyone to come over!  I plan on contributing a few things, including this DELICIOUS Cinnamon Roll Quick Bread!  This is so yummy.  I’m tempted to make a second one JUST so I can eat it all by myself.  I’ll also be making a batch of scones and a frittata.  We’re also in charge of drinks!  Can’t wait!

5. Finally, look out folks!  Husband has the weekend off.  And not just “technically working on Sunday, but I’ll be home by 10am” either.  Looks like the Doctor can relax and put his feet up.  My in-laws are also visiting this weekend, and I know my husband is super excited to see them! (Or maybe it’s because my Father-in-Law just bought a new Corvette, and he’s driving that down for Hubby to see…. not sure which one he’s more excited for)

So what were you up to this week?  I’d love to hear about it!!  Hope you have a stellar weekend 🙂

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Menu Monday!


Hey hey!  Another week has begun.  Hope you’re having a spectacular Memorial Day weekend!

The menu this week looks a little light.  We have a husband work dinner on Wednesday at a new local pizza place, Pompieri Pizza.  I have been drooling over Instagram pics people have been posting for weeks!  I need to remember to snap a few pictures myself when we’re there.  (Fingers crossed for no baby meltdowns)

For more information on how I menu plan, look at this.  If you need menu inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

Veggie Burgers & Onion Rings
(Looking for a good veggie burger that holds up well on a grill?
Morningstar Farms Chipotle Spicy Black Bean burgers!
They are large patties and are softer in texture, so they don’t dry out on the grill.
Yum!  Our local Costco sells them.)

Stovetop Mac & Cheese
(Why not?  Recipe from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers)

Dinner out at Pompieri Pizza

Greek Tortellini Salad
(Adapted from Two Peas and Their Pod)

(Our version of build-your-own taco salad)

Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas
(Yep again!  Adapted from this recipe found on Pinterest)

Hosting Brunch at our house, so I’m sure we’ll just have leftovers 🙂

*Grocery store this week: Trader Joe’s

Menu Monday!


Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, celebrating with your mummies, whether in person or from afar!

We had a sweet day yesterday.  Despite the fact that my husband had to work, he still managed to make it a fun day.  We first went out to breakfast before he headed off to work (my favorite meal to go out to eat!).  If you’re ever in Durham, and you’re looking for a delish, casual breakfast place, check out Elmo’s Diner on 9th Street.  It is my FAVORITE place for breakfast, and the atmosphere is so great.

I also managed to sneak off to the mall for a few hours once hubby came home.  So that was a treat!  Can’t remember the last time I went to the mall.

We finished the evening off at our favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Cafe, because it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m not cooking 🙂

And yesterday, our little bundle of fun turned 7 months!!  I snapped a few pictures of her to share with you on Wednesday for her 7 month update, and she is such a ham!  It took us 2 minutes to snap some great pictures.

Speaking of the little one, tonight we have a not-so-fun activity…. Elizabeth, since day 1, has issues breathing, and her ENT doc recently recommend that she get a sleep study done to check and see if her breathing has improved over time.  She had her first sleep study done at around 6 weeks.

Sleep studies really aren’t that big of a deal.  We go to the Children’s Hospital in the evening, we go into a room, and they monitor her sleeping.  They have to stick a lot of little sensors all over her head and body, but there’s no pain. I’m not anticipating poor results… that’s not what is making me anxious.  I’m thinking about a curious little 7 month old who won’t be able to fall asleep tonight because she keeps wondering what’s stuck on her head!

It may be a long night….

Anyway, back to the original purpose of the post! Here’s what we are eating for dinner this week!  For more information on how I menu plan, look at this.  There are a few repeats from the week before, because we spontaneously went out to eat one day last week that I wasn’t planning for, and we also decided not to eat one item on the menu, so we could have tacos instead.  C’est la vie.

Easy Chana Masala
(From CookieandKate.com)

Kale, Black Bean & Avocado Burrito Bowl
(From CookieandKate.com)

Mexican Pizza with Salsa Roja and Cilantro Pesto
(From Field of Greens, pg. 180)

Pasta with Homemade Tomato Pesto
(Adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, but this deserves a blog post – so yummy!)

(Basically build-your-own taco salad.  I grew up calling it haystacks)

Vegetarian Meatballs
(Sigh… I have the recipe ready to post for this.  I just need to snap a “Done” pretty picture!)

Mexican Scrambled Eggs with Tortillas and Smoked Cheese
(From Field of Greens, pg. 292)

*Grocery stores this week: Trader Joe’s & Costco (haven’t been to Costco in 2 months!  It’s time…)

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Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Hey y’all! (There you go – a little dusting of the South for you) It’s Friday!  Recap time!

1.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter last week.  We certainly did!  We traveled to my in-laws, and spent time just chit-chatting.  That’s my favorite kind of getaway.  Anyway, the little one enjoyed her Easter basket, which was a surprise.  She actually dug through and explored each item.  And I can’t get over the fact that she kept those bunny ears on!20140424-150007.jpg

2. Weather around here in the Bull City is finally feeling like Spring.  We’ve been able to do our usual walks every day.  Yippee!

3. Hubby turned 30 on Wednesday – and he wanted to celebrate by going to our favorite burger place, Bull City Burger.  It’s the only place I cave and get a REAL burger.  It is divine!  But, their veggie burger is also one of the best handmade burgers I’ve ever tried.  If you do go, one word of advice – don’t let them talk you into “sharing” a plate of fries.  You will need your own supply.  Do not share.  You have been warned.

4. Little one tried a swing for the first time yesterday.  AND it was hilarious!20140424-150058.jpg

Rocking those sunglasses!

5. It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re having a fun dinner party/gettogether on Sunday to celebrate the hubby’s 30th birthday.  That should be fun fun fun!

What were you up to this week?  Let me know!

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Menu Monday!


What I’m drinking – Peaberry Coffee from Trader Joe’s

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a nice weekend!

My parents were in town, so we did some Durham tourist things, which included a visit to the Duke Gardens.  It was a wonderful day on Saturday.  I even got sunburned.  First of the year!  We finished our sunny afternoon off at Maple View Farms in Hillsborough.  If you haven’t been there, visit!  The ice cream is yummy, but I love sitting on the front porch, in a rocking chair, looking at the farmland and rolling hills.  Our sweet little girl managed to plant her face in my ice cream cone!  Sneaky.  She’s too fast!
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