Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Friday! Can’t believe it.  And a Friday the 13th to boot!  It’s going to be a great day!

Here’s what I was up to this week:

1. The Little Girl and I went to the Durham Life & Sciences Museum with some friends on Tuesday.  It was fun, but man… I hate southern summers.  It was only 10:00 am and I was sweating up a storm!

2. We’ve had a few thunderstorms this week, which, next to fireflies, are a summer staple for me.  Pop up storms make summer delightful (since hot temps don’t do it for me).

3. Miss Elizabeth turned 8 months this Wednesday!  And since then, she’s taken to sitting up in her crib (need to lower that mattress!), saying “baa baa baa baa”, crawling a little, and pulling up to stand at our coffee table!  Phew!  She decided 8 months is the time to check things off her to-do list!

4. Speaking of checking things off, I got super excited to check off two BIG posts that have been cooking for a while!  If you didn’t see my May Favorites post OR my kick off to my Style Challenge – 30 Outfits in 30 Days, check it out!  I’m pleased.

5. Oh!  Almost forgot!  Found my favorite Panera Bread Hazelnut Creme coffee in my local grocery store!  I’ve been running around like an Energizer Bunny all week!


Hope you have exciting plans in store for Father’s Day!  We have a Food Truck Rodeo in Durham this Sunday, so if the hubby gets off of work early enough, we’ll be there, stuffing our faces!

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!  Have a great weekend!

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