Daily & Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule | Cup of Tea blog

One of the hardest things for me, each week, is keeping up with housekeeping.  It’s one of those things that I put off if there are other things that have to get done.

Please tell me I’m not the only one?

So to help me stay motivated and not overwhelmed each week, I divide out all the household tasks and try to spread them out, so one day isn’t a massive cleaning day.  Cleaning tasks are also something I can do when Elizabeth is awake and playing.  I save blogging and other computer work for when she is naps.

I found this really cool Day-of-the-Week notepad in the dollar section of Target.  It has a magnet on the back, and lives on the side of my refrigerator.  As you can see, it’s got a mix of housekeeping items on there, as well as weekly, repeating to-dos.

Weekly To Dos Notepad from Target | Cup of Tea blog

Every Sunday, I do my Menu Planning/Grocery List, Blog Planning and Cleaning Planning for the coming week.  I sit down with this little notepad and write in the cleaning schedule.  I put the cleaning/repeat tasks in each daily square, and write from the bottom up.

Then I add, from the top down, in each daily square, any errands or appointments that are coming up.  Sorry you don’t get to see that.  (Nosey Nancy!)

So here’s my weekly cleaning schedule, in a little more detail!

Laundry – Load of Darks
Vacuum Downstairs

Dust Upstairs (Includes all shutters and baseboards)
Vacuum Upstairs (Includes under dressers and beds)
Laundry – Load of Lights/Whites

Laundry – Load of Towels
Clean Bathrooms (Toilet, Shower, Sinks/Counters, Mop Floor)
Empty Trashcans (Includes mini trash cans in bathrooms & the diaper pail)
Laundry – Baby Stuff

Dust Downstairs (Includes all shutters and baseboards)
Kitchen Clean (Wipe cabinets, spot clean refrigerator/microwave/oven, scrub sink, polish stainless steel)
Laundry – Load of Darks

Vacuum Downstairs
Mop High-Traffic Areas
Quick Clean (Just general tidying before the weekend)

Nothing – day off of cleaning!

Tidy, nothing major
Plan out cleaning for next week

It seems intense, but, honestly, if you tackle a little bit each day, it’s not so overwhelming.

Here are the things that I do every day:

  • Unload the dishwasher in the AM
  • Make the bed
  • Put away any items left on our bathroom counter once I’m done getting ready
  • Then, wipe down our bathroom counter/sink
  • Pick up any clothes my husband left on the floor in our bedroom
  • Pick up any shoes, ties, coats, etc downstairs and take them upstairs
  • Pick up any toys and put away
  • Stack magazines in one spot
  • Go through mail as soon as it comes inside and sort
  • Clean up after every meal
  • Wipe counters after every meal
  • Load dishwasher with dirty dishes as I go throughout the day
  • If the dishwasher gets full in the middle of the day, I run it! Dirty dishes waiting to go in the dishwasher go in the sink, out of sight
  • Start the dishwasher every night before bed

This Daily List looks like a lot, but, honestly, from start to finish this takes me NO MORE than an hour.  And this is spread out throughout the day. This ensures that, even if I did NOTHING from the weekly cleaning schedule, the house at least looks tidy, and we could have people over spontaneously for dinner without me panicking! (That’s my usual benchmark for how the house looks – if a friend popped over, right now, for a cup of tea, would I be ok with that?)

If you work outside of the home every day (been there, done that! I understand!), this is completely manageable.  Tackle the first half in the morning before you leave, then the second half in the evening, right after dinner.  Then after that’s done, curl up with a cup of tea and watch Breaking Bad (our fav show right now).

I hope this is helpful for you!  There are a ton of resources out there for a master cleaning schedule, with daily/weekly/monthly cleaning tasks so major dirt doesn’t pile up.  I’ve pinned some of my favorite schedules, as well as other cleaning/organization tips in Pinterest.  Follow the board if you need a little inspiration. (It’s nice to look at other people’s clean spaces instead of actually cleaning, right??)