Quick Home Organization | Refrigerator


I have “little piles” around the house.  You know what I mean?  There are disorganized areas that bug me.  I could rattle them off – office desk, laundry room counter, husband’s under sink cabinet in our bathroom…. blah blah blah.

I tackled one on the list a few days ago – the top of our refrigerator!  I was inspired by my friend Vanessa over at Mamma’s Happy Hive.  If you haven’t visited her blog, do!  She highlights fun Montessori-inspired activities for her sweet boy Little Bee and has amazing organization tips!

Vanessa shared this post about ideas for organizing her kitchen, and she mentioned putting baskets on top of her refrigerator to hide stuff.

I literally DOL (that’s Duh Out Loud, in case you’re not in the know).

I have a problem with clutter on top of my refrigerator.  1) We don’t have a pantry inside our kitchen, which means I’m always looking for a place to stash perishables.  And 2) my husband likes quick access to tortilla chips.  So we’ve been keeping miscellaneous food items up there for a while.  I was also storing some random eating-related items that Elizabeth hadn’t quite grown into yet.20140513-143635.jpg

It was a mess.


I went to Home Goods for a wander (bad idea – Home Goods is like Target for me.  I just can’t wander in there.  My car trunk will get full…) and I came across a large basket, perfect for the top of the refrigerator!  20140513-143706.jpgIt’s large and deep, which means I won’t be able to see the tops of packages.  The basket also had this fun plaque detailing.  It looked like it might be a chalkboard slate, but it’s not.  Oh well.  It may be a pain to haul down, but it’s pretty!  Hey, for $16.99, I can put up with anything!

Once I got home, I took everything down and sorted through it.  What needed to stay up on the refrigerator?  What needed a home elsewhere?20140513-143650.jpgIt was clear the food items should stay up on the refrigerator (quick access to chips!), but the baby things needed homes elsewhere.  Once I got that sorted, the food went into the basket, and the basket went up to its new home up on the refrigerator.

And it looks great!


Much better, right?


Husband has already complained it restricts his access to the tortilla chips.  I get it.  You have to haul down this basket any time you need something from there, but hey!  I’d rather do that than stare at the jumble.

Ready for a before/after?  Ta-da!

20140513-143759.jpgAny recent Quick Home Organization projects at your house?  Did you blog about it?  Share a link with me in the comments!  I’d love to stop by and visit!