High Low Styling with Striped Dress

Hi Lo with Striped Dress

I bought this striped dress at Old Navy this last week. Love it!  And love stripes!

This dress was so inexpensive (cost me $15 on sale!) that I thought it would be the perfect item to pair with low priced accessories as well as expensive items.  Some of these items I have already (or similar), but added a few other touches that I’d LOVE to have.

First, the shoes.  I’ve been wanting a pair of brown wedges forever.  These Tory Burch ones are so awesome with the metallic detailing in the heel.  BUT they’re pricey.  If I was searching for a wallet-friendly version, I’d pick up these from DSW.

I love the bright color of the bag.  I have a similar Kate Spade Outlet bag, and used it when I recently wore this dress.

To pick up the same pink/coral color, I found an inexpensive statement necklace from  Forever 21.  The watch is also el cheapo!  I have something similar from Target. I hope the large watches never go out of style, because I love them!  And if I had my ears pierced (seriously, I don’t!), I’m sure I would own a pair of these bow earrings from Kate Spade.  Both the watch and the earrings are a nod to the gold in the wedges.

And finally, a few items in the “Beauty” category.  I’ve been searching for cute cosmetic bags recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Forever 21 had some adorable ones, especially this floral version!  And that Essie nail polish is just the right blend between nude and pink.

I seriously can’t get enough of stripes this spring!  I think by the end of the season, you could look at my closet and see nothing but prison stripes.  Ohi.

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Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Yippee!  Friday!  Here’s some highlights from this week.

1.  Our little one decided she was comfortable to sit up on her own!  It’s pretty exciting, but makes us realize how quickly she’s growing.

2. I did a smidge of shopping.  I was on the hunt for a Spring dress, and was striking out all over town (went to my tried-and-true stops: Target, Ross, T.J. Maxx…).  I finally found a dress (not necessarily spring, though) at Old Navy.  And all the dresses are currently on sale, so I scored this one for $15! Stripes are my favorite obsession right now!cn7667839

3. I’m officially obsessed with the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims.  Pretzels covered with dark chocolate.  Yum!  I’m so obsessed, I had to buy two bags this week.  I was trying to be strong and save the second bag for our road trip today, but I couldn’t hold out.

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