Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Hey y’all! (There you go – a little dusting of the South for you) It’s Friday!  Recap time!

1.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter last week.  We certainly did!  We traveled to my in-laws, and spent time just chit-chatting.  That’s my favorite kind of getaway.  Anyway, the little one enjoyed her Easter basket, which was a surprise.  She actually dug through and explored each item.  And I can’t get over the fact that she kept those bunny ears on!20140424-150007.jpg

2. Weather around here in the Bull City is finally feeling like Spring.  We’ve been able to do our usual walks every day.  Yippee!

3. Hubby turned 30 on Wednesday – and he wanted to celebrate by going to our favorite burger place, Bull City Burger.  It’s the only place I cave and get a REAL burger.  It is divine!  But, their veggie burger is also one of the best handmade burgers I’ve ever tried.  If you do go, one word of advice – don’t let them talk you into “sharing” a plate of fries.  You will need your own supply.  Do not share.  You have been warned.

4. Little one tried a swing for the first time yesterday.  AND it was hilarious!20140424-150058.jpg

Rocking those sunglasses!

5. It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re having a fun dinner party/gettogether on Sunday to celebrate the hubby’s 30th birthday.  That should be fun fun fun!

What were you up to this week?  Let me know!

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