Go Away Christmas. I’m Not Ready…..

Keep Calm and Merry On



I’m not ready. I’ll be honest.

I am normally the girl who’s so excited for Christmas that I start listening to Christmas music early. I usually sneak the Christmas tree up right at Thanksgiving. I typically have a head start on Christmas baking because I just want to!

But not this year.

I’m not a Scrooge! It’s just I wish I was more prepared for Christmas!

Anyone else feel like this year just went WAY too fast? I’m still, mentally, thinking it’s October. I wasn’t ready for Thanksgiving yet, and then it just zoomed by!

And I SHOULD be in a better mood! This time last year, we had a newborn. And felt like this.

Christmas 2013 for Cup of Tea

Sleepy Elizabeth on Christmas 2013 Cup of Tea

I basically got the tree up, and that was it. But I knew that Elizabeth wouldn’t really care about Christmas, since she was only 6 weeks old.

This year, she’ll love it!

So I really need to get my act in gear.

What do you do when you need to get in a festive mood? Am I the only one that needs at least another month before Christmas rolls up?

Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun Christmas Q&A! I’ll be asking y’all questions about your Christmas traditions! If I met you in person, these are the things I would be interrogating you with right now. I love to know these things about people!

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