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Wait, what’s that?  You’ve been waiting for an update to my Wardrobe Refresh post a few weeks ago?

My bad!

If you need a refresher, I wrote about how I was desperate to go through my closet and do some purging and reorganizing.  I typically do this twice a year.  And when I do, I do the following:

1. Edit – go through my existing clothes and decide to either Keep, Toss or Donate.  And I’m ruthless!

2. Reorganize – put the “Keeps” back neatly and smartly, and figure out what I need to tackle those remaining piles.

3. Find new outfits – sort through the final wardrobe and figure out what outfits I have, and what pieces I need to fill in the gaps.

This week, I’ve tackled #1!  And I thought I would share my steps.

So, let me show you what I’m working with… below is my closet.


Gross, right?  We’ve actually got a lot of space in there, but you wouldn’t know it from the jumble of hangers, clothes, etc.  (Side note – that bear… it was a Valentine’s day present from my husband (at the time, boyfriend), and he gave it to me RIGHT after I declared my hatred for romantic stuffed animal gifts.  Poor husband! And I don’t have the heart to get rid of the “Gangster of Love“.)

So, I basically tried on EVERYTHING I owned, and if it didn’t fit, had a funny stain, or I didn’t love it anymore, it went in the Bye Bye pile.  This applied to my closet, as well as my dresser drawers.  What I didn’t want anymore went into two piles – Donate and Toss.  The Donates go into a laundry basket, and the Toss went into a pile to be… well… tossed.


Basic common courtesy of donation is donate things that YOU would buy at a shop.  In other words, if it has a rip, stain, or is damaged in other ways, put it in the toss pile!  Be nice!  Make sure the items are also clean. Again, common courtesy.

I had to do something different that I hadn’t done before with my clothes donations – I needed to itemize for tax purposes.  At least, that’s what Hubby told me.

Don’t ask me why.

Anyway, that basically means I had to make a correct count of exactly what I was donating, and then as for a receipt when I drop off those donations.

So I just took all my donations and then neatly folded and stacked the clothes, by category.


It helps if you have a helper.  (I couldn’t resist!)


Once neatly stacked, I then took each category and counted the items, then made a note of it.


Yes, a graph paper notepad.  Sticky notes, to be precise!  Aren’t they awesome???!!!

And then, the FINAL step is packing up everything to go to the donation center.  For this, I just used Trader Joe’s shopping bags.  I put each category into it’s own bag, for easy identifying. And then the final FINAL step was typing up my graph paper list to take with me to drop off. Plus, then we could pair the receipt and the paper together, in case we need it for tax purposes (*shudder).


Badabing, badaboom!!  My closet and dresser feel lighter already!

Actually, now that everything looks like a disaster zone, I need to get on with Step 2 and put everything away neatly!!!  Can’t wait to show you before/after pictures next week! Yay!

Spring Mint and Stripes

Ah, Spring.  I’m waiting anxiously for Spring to stay put.  Here in NC, it’s been a bit sporadic, weather-wise. But I think Spring is here to stay for the time being.

Since I’m currently in the middle of cleaning out my wardrobe, I’ve been cruising clothes to fill in some gaps.  Plus, try to make outfits with items I already have.
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