Toys That Aren’t Toys…

Isn’t it funny that we spend significant money on entertaining baby toys, and let them take up tons of space in our homes, only to have our sweet babies end up loving the most random objects?


Here’s a round up of some of my sweet girl’s random favorite items right now.

Empty Wipes Container – I’m sure this little friend will be in our lives for a while.  Here at the house, I use the refill wipes that go in a refillable container.  Elizabeth has always been interested in closing the little lid on the container once we finished diaper changes.  Now she has a spare, empty one for all her lid-closing enjoyment, outside of the nursery!  I’m sure she’ll soon figure out how to shove little objects into this container.

Empty Wipes Package – Along the same lines, Elizabeth loves the travel wipes packages!  She loves the crinkling plastic.  When I haul out an empty wipes package for her to gnaw on, we certainly get strange looks.  But, hey!  Whatever keeps her entertained!

Laundry Basket – When Elizabeth was learning to sit up on her own, she wasn’t road tested to just sit on the floor and turn your back for a moment.  You had to constantly watch because she’d fall over!  Enter the laundry basket!  In that month she was learning to sit up, you could sit her in the basket, give her a few toys, and if she fell over, it was more of a controlled slide, instead of a hard head hit! 🙂  She’s outgrown this now, but it was genius at the time!


But do you really ever get too big to sit in a laundry basket?  I guess you don’t… (that’s me in college!)20140520-152639.jpgMom’s Necklace – Are my days of wearing necklaces over for the foreseeable future? Elizabeth spots it and instantly starts grabbing at it.  And if she gets a hold of it, it goes RIGHT in the mouth.  And it doesn’t have to be just my necklace.  All necklaces are free reign.  (Sorry lady at church… you asked to hold her!)

A Finger – God must have designed us with fingers to provide instant toys for teething babies. My finger, dad’s finger, stranger at grocery store finger, baby finger.  Doesn’t matter.  All up for grabs!  Bonus points if you have slobber that runs down to your elbow.

What about you?  Any unusual toys that your little ones have latched onto?  I’d love to hear about them! I know our cardboard box days are coming up quickly! 🙂