Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

I’m not ready for Friday…. I’m still mentally on Wednesday! But it has been an action packed few weeks! Can we catch up a little?

1. Since I neglected to say hi last Friday (still in a Thanksgiving food coma), I’ll just quickly say we had a lovely, but fast Thanksgiving. We drove up to my in laws on Wednesday, and drove back home Friday night. We all had obligations over the weekend, so Thanksgiving was cut short. But it was a delightful time!

I taught Elizabeth how to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade!

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Cup of Tea

And she managed to see Santa – he waved at her.

Santa says hi on the Cup of Tea blog

We also went to the aquarium, which Elizabeth loves!

Visiting the Aquarium on Cup of Tea

2. My big goal Sunday was to get the outdoor lights done. So I picked up some new lights (do you know how hard it is to find plain, white lights?) and got to work during nap time. I got one half of the house done when I ran out of lights. I used up 260 feet! So I quickly rearranged.

Dusk fell, and the lights kicked on. And I hated them. I don’t even have a picture to show you… they were LED cool white lights, so they looked blue.

So Monday I spent the day taken the LED lights down and putting regular white lights up instead. I was so glad to get it done, and it looks spiffy!

3. I mentioned Wednesday that I wasn’t feeling particularly festive or ready for Christmas… I tried to help that with two things. First, I wrote a post about my favorite Christmas Traditions! Head on over there and let me know what your favorite traditions are.

Second, Elizabeth and I headed out to the yard to snip various greenery. I had a little DIY decorating project I wanted to tackle. We had a nice time rolling her car through the yard!

Cruising the yard for greenery on the Cup of Tea blog

4. Wednesday evening was so nice that we decided to head out on a neighborhood walk to look at the lights. We had a great time! And Elizabeth had fun pointing out the moon every step of the way.

5. Yesterday my goal was to get the tree up, and I managed to do that! Elizabeth just loves sitting at the base of the tree and staring up at the lights. Thankfully, I have a healthy supply of plastic ornaments, which I placed within her grasp. 🙂

*I just noticed that in every picture, Elizabeth looks bored… ha! Hope that doesn’t sum up her week!

So this weekend I’m pushing to get all the rest of the house decorated, and then get those storage bins and boxes put away. I can do it!!!

Hope you had a nice week, and have fun or relaxing plans for the weekend. Let me know what you’ll be up to down in the comments below!

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Menu Monday #28


Happy Monday!

Our weekend went from being super busy with tons of activity to all the activity being canceled. That ended up being a good thing for us, since Elizabeth AND I ended up with colds. But we tried to go out and do a few activities all together. It was nice Fall weather this weekend and we wanted to take advantage of it. More on Friday for Hey Hey, It’s Friday!

You may recall that last week I mentioned I was going to try one of Oh My Veggie’s recent vegetarian menus. It’s a genius idea – basically a week of menus with links to recipes, and THEN a printable grocery shopping list. Handy! But tactical error – the menu I chose was several sweet potato recipes. And the hubby, apparently, doesn’t like sweet potato. He suffered.

So it’s back to the same ol’ same ol’ this week. 🙂


Basic Spaghetti, Garlic Bread & Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Wednesday (Breakfast for Dinner!)
Pumpkin Pancakes, Fruit, Veggie Sausage

DIY Chipotle Burrito Bowls

Friday (Soup Night)
Chili (may use this recipe but not make it vegan) with Corn Bread

Black Bean & Butternut Squash Enchiladas

Mini Thanksgiving using some of these recipes
But also plan on making my vegetarian meatballs

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Menu Monday #27


How’s it going? Hope you had a lovely weekend! We had a pretty busy one, but the weather was beautiful!!

This week, I’m going to be lazy. I was cruising Pinterest last week, and I stumbled upon Oh My Veggies, a vegetarian food blog, and her weekly menus. Y’all, I think from this point forward I can just skip my menu planning. 🙂 She has the links to all the recipes (whether it’s hers or another blogger’s) and THEN a printable menu/shopping list! Genius.

So this week, just for kicks, I’m going to try one of her recent vegetarian menus. Since there are only 5 dinner items on her menu, I’ll cook one more meal. I had a friend on Facebook post that she felt like Thanksgiving food, so she just made it! Stuffing and all. I’ll admit, that sounds delicious!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday meal, but it’s a shame we only eat it once a year. So I thought I’d do a mini version this week.

I’m also feeling like it’s Fall baking time. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without something! I’m feeling like an apple dessert of some sort. These Apple Crisp bars look amazing, but so do these Apple Dumplings from Lemon Jelly Cake! Decisions, decisions.

So anyway, if you want to follow along, check out the menu I’ll be using here. Or cruise through other weekly menus from Oh My Veggies!

Need more ideas for dinner?  Follow my Pinterest board – it’s where I save all of my dinner ideas!

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