Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Happy Trick or Treat Day!

Can you believe it’s Friday already?? AND that it’s the last day of October?? AND that it’s Halloween? Am I the only one that’s slightly annoyed October is over already?

Now that I’ve lamented and mourned… Here’s what has been happening this week.

1. I’ve been tweaking a few things in my DIY Moleskine planner. I’m planning to do an update in a few weeks once I see if this new tweak is as awesome as it seemed. (Side note – did you know that is one of my most popular posts EVER?? Fast fact.)

2. I mentioned yesterday that I couldn’t do my 30 Outfits in 30 Days post because this sneaky toddler crawled away with my wireless shutter remote. It’s really hard to take #ootd pictures without it! I searched ALL DAY and it never turned up. So I ordered another one. There may be two recap posts next week once it arrives! On a related note, it’s just 6 final outfits and then it’s done!

3. I have a cold. Sigh….. Where did I get a cold from? It seriously appeared out of nowhere.

4. The weather is so nice here! It’s only supposed to be a high of 60 today. Perfect, crisp weather. Break out the scarf and boots, friends!

5. Yesterday, I early voted. I printed off a sample ballot, marked my candidates ahead of time, and then brought it in with me. Smart 🙂 Makes voting an open book test. Elizabeth enjoyed herself too. Snagged a “Future Voter” sticker for her baby book!  But, seriously, get out and VOTE!! It’s your duty.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween/Trick or Treat tonight. We’re not big Halloween people, but I do have a bucket of candy to pass out (and eat. Let’s just face it… mainly eat). And I declared trick or treating with Elizabeth would be a pain, so she’ll get dressed up and help hand out candy tonight.

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below!  Have a great weekend!

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