Packing for Vacation


Hello friends!

As you’re reading this, I’m whizzing away, with Elizabeth, to Michigan to visit my family and celebrate my sister’s wedding!  It will be so delightful.  And I’m looking forward to the Midwest summer weather.

The nice thing about traveling means you’ll be receiving a few posts around what I packed for my trip, including the carry on/diaper bag and my make up bag.

But, today, I thought I would show you what I have packed for outfits.

Thanks to my recent 30 Outfits in 30 Days Challenge, it was fairly easy to piece together 11 outfits.  So if you followed that series, you’ll see some repeat outfits.

So here’s what I’m packing!20140714-200232-72152867.jpg

These 2o items (this includes the diaper bag, not pictured) make AT LEAST 11 outfits.  I’ll be there for a total of 14 days, but I’ll be able to do some laundry while there.  All of these items easily fit in a carry on suitcase, with room to spare for toiletries and hair tools and the unmentionables.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2 Jackets (Denim & Navy Blazer)
  • 4 Shirts (1 Long Sleeve, 1 Sleeveless, 2 Short Sleeve)
  • 1 Cardigan
  •  2 Pants (1 Shorts, 1 Skinny Jeans)
  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Dress
  • 3 pairs Shoes (Sandals, Brown Wedges, and Dress Shoes)
  • 2 Necklaces
  • 1 Watch
  • 1 large leather Purse
  • 1 Scarf

This should be more than enough outfits to get me through the family fun, church, and wedding festivities.

Here are all the outfit options!


20140714-200234-72154072.jpgDid I miss any other options? I’m styling a new J Crew gray tee with the Peter Pan collar with this collection.  Hopefully it will work well with everything!

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Bride-To-Be Gift Ideas


I hope she’s not reading this, but my sister is getting married in just a few weeks!!!  I wanted to get her a fun Sister gift beyond something off the registry. (But don’t worry – still got something off the registry, because nothing says “I love you, Sister” like a spatula.)

We’ve always enjoyed tiny toiletries and used to collect them.  And when I asked her what she would like to do the night before the wedding, and she just said she wanted to relax and do an old fashioned spa night like we used to do as kids.

So I decided to combine those two things – travel sized toiletries and spa night – to create a fun Bride-to-Be gift!  Plus, I figured she could take some of these items on the honeymoon!

First I went out to Forever 21 to pick up a fun cosmetic/travel bag.  I knew they had cute ones because I recently bought myself one 🙂 I found this large floral bag with a black bow detail.  The bow reminded me of the Ted Baker cosmetic bags, which have been on my wish list for months!

While there, I noticed Forever 21 had quite a few cheap face product.  I just picked up a few for fun.  I grabbed makeup remover wipes, a few sheet masks, and two eye masks (can’t find online).  I also saw a cute make up brush set.  They’re polka dot! Love it!


I raided my own stash of tiny toiletries to find a few more things: travel size St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner, Aveda Energy Lotion, and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Passion.20140703-153414-56054009.jpg

And then………. I went to Sephora.  Just to find a few extra things.  A great addition were travel sizes of perfumes. It’s hard to travel with perfume, especially those full sizes.  So stick with a roller ball or a sampler set, like this one.  I also grabbed a Smith’s Rosebud Salve, because it rocks.  The other items were some point rewards (yay me!) that I decided to gift as well.  I got a MakeUp Forever mini set of lipstick and mascara.  I also got a sample of the Algenist Detoxifying Exfoliator.


Finally, I grabbed a travel set of Philosophy products (similar).  This set alone would make a great gift!  Plus it came in a travel bag.  It’s not as cute as a floral cosmetic bag, but it’s useful!20140703-153413-56053427.jpgI’m really excited for her to crack into this!  We’ve got a few things to experiment with the night before the wedding, but she also has some things to take with her on the honeymoon.

I love tiny toiletries!

One of my other favorite gift ideas for a bride-to-be is a recipe card with one of your favorite recipes written on it.  Include a kitchen item to help make it (grab it off the registry!).  It’s personal but still getting the bride something she wants and will use.

For other gift ideas and gift wrap inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board!

What were some of your favorite gifts you have received?

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Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Yippee!  Friday!  Here’s some highlights from this week.

1.  Our little one decided she was comfortable to sit up on her own!  It’s pretty exciting, but makes us realize how quickly she’s growing.

2. I did a smidge of shopping.  I was on the hunt for a Spring dress, and was striking out all over town (went to my tried-and-true stops: Target, Ross, T.J. Maxx…).  I finally found a dress (not necessarily spring, though) at Old Navy.  And all the dresses are currently on sale, so I scored this one for $15! Stripes are my favorite obsession right now!cn7667839

3. I’m officially obsessed with the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims.  Pretzels covered with dark chocolate.  Yum!  I’m so obsessed, I had to buy two bags this week.  I was trying to be strong and save the second bag for our road trip today, but I couldn’t hold out.

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Packing for Grandma’s House – Baby Essentials – Driving Edition

Travel Essentials

1. Cosco Umbria Stroller  2. VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor  3. Graco Pack ‘n Play  4. Fisher Price Booster Seat  5. Fisher-Price Comfy Time Bouncer  6. Goodnight Moon & Time for Bed  7. Skip Hop Studio bag  8. Medela Storage Containers  9. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle  10. HALO Sleepsack Wearable Blanket

We recently headed up to my in-laws home to visit our new niece!  She is precious, and our little girl already has a cousin! Lucky girl.  I didn’t have any cousins growing up, so she’s ahead of me already.

Going out of town is so challenging with a baby.  Our car fills up fast!  But, we’ve traveled up to the Grandparents’ house several times now, and we’ve got the essentials down to a science.
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