Wish List | What I Want for My 30th Birthday

30th Birthday Wishlist
1. See by Chole | 2. Flats | 3. Brushes | 4. Mug | 5. Necklace | 6. Handbag | 7. Bakeware Set

July is my Birth Month! Yippee!  This year is my 30th…. not sure how I feel about that yet.

If the world were perfect, the above it what I’d want for my birthday!  Now, some of this is really extravagant ($350 bakeware set??), but a girl can dream, right?

1. See by Chloe perfume – I gave this a sniff when I was at Sephora the other day, and it smells so beautiful!  The perfect hint of floral without knocking your head off.

2. C. Wonder Flats – so apparently the cute whale ones are sold out online, BUT I spied them in the window when I strolled past our C. Wonder store at our mall.  I may have to go back and pick them up as a Happy Birthday present to myself 🙂

3. Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set – I’ve heard great things about the Real Techniques brushes.  I’m not a makeup brush user, but I’m trying to be.  These are reasonably prices and I hear they are great quality!

4. Royal Albert Friendship Green Vintage Mug – Isn’t that mug adorable?  It’s the kind of mug I’d have on display in my tea cupboard.  Right next to my commemorative Will & Kate Royal Wedding mug.  (Yes, I own one… don’t judge)

5. Baublebar Peacock Chandelier Collar Necklace – Every time I go on to Baublebar’s website, I see this necklace, put it in my shopping cart, but never purchase it.  I don’t know why! It’s a good price, and it hot pink.

6. Kate Spade Holly Street Ashton – This mint color is just adorable, and I love a top handle bag.

7. Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch Non Stick 15 Piece Bakeware Set – So this is a bit much.  It’s a $350 bakeware set… but I’m in desperate need of new bakeware, and this is the best.  (Husband, if you’re reading this, maybe just the cake pans to start??)

So I wish…. I dream…. I don’t need any of this, but it’s fun!

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The Weekender Bag

The Weekender Bag
1. Riviera Weekend Bag by Monsoon | 2. Anchor Weekender by Sloane Ranger | 3. Girl Meets Voyage Weekender Bag at Modcloth | 4. Southwest Bound Weekend Bag by Forever 21 | 5. Getaway-Green Ikat by Stella & Dot | 6. The Weekender Bag by Kate Spade Saturday


I’ve been looking for a great Weekender bag to take as my carry on/diaper bag for our 2 week trip to Michigan.  I will have more items to haul on to the plane for both baby and me, and my Skip Hop Studio and my Skip Hop Duo French Stripe diaper bags just won’t cut it.

I am picky about bags, and have big criteria when I’m looking for a Weekender:

  1. Zippered closure – I want my bag to be able to zip completely closed.  I don’t want it to tip over in the airport security line or on the plane and have my contents spill all over the place.
  2. Structured – While the duffel bag style types may be nice, I prefer a bag that’s structured.  I think it looks better when you have it over your shoulder.  Plus, if you need the Weekender bag for something besides going out of town, it doesn’t look like you’re shlepping your suitcase around.
  3. Fun print – while normally I would prefer a more neutral print for a handbag, it’s different for a Weekender.  You’re heading out on vacation! Your Weekender should be fun!  Now, if I was paying $600 for a Weekender bag, I might stick to something neutral (tan leather, for example), but when you aren’t paying too much, make it a fun print!

Once I snag a Weekender and get it packed as my carryon, I’ll be sure to show off what I’ve got!

What’s your favorite Weekender Bag? Do you have one?

Summer Nautical | Style & Home


I’ve mentioned before about my dislike of summer.  The hot weather, the clothes…. bleh.  BUT thankfully, summer does bring one of my favorite things – stripes and nautical-themed accessories!  This is what I’m craving right now!

I have been wanting to get a pair of pink jeans or trousers for quite a while now! I just know it would pair perfectly with the hundreds of stripes I own (it’s a sickness, really).  I’d love to add that striped shirt to the collection!

Thankfully, I can also find nautical items everywhere!  The jewelry is especially calling my name.  I’m not a huge ring wearer (besides my wedding rings), but aren’t those knot rings so sweet?

What’s your favorite summer trend?

High Low Styling with Striped Dress

Hi Lo with Striped Dress

I bought this striped dress at Old Navy this last week. Love it!  And love stripes!

This dress was so inexpensive (cost me $15 on sale!) that I thought it would be the perfect item to pair with low priced accessories as well as expensive items.  Some of these items I have already (or similar), but added a few other touches that I’d LOVE to have.

First, the shoes.  I’ve been wanting a pair of brown wedges forever.  These Tory Burch ones are so awesome with the metallic detailing in the heel.  BUT they’re pricey.  If I was searching for a wallet-friendly version, I’d pick up these from DSW.

I love the bright color of the bag.  I have a similar Kate Spade Outlet bag, and used it when I recently wore this dress.

To pick up the same pink/coral color, I found an inexpensive statement necklace from  Forever 21.  The watch is also el cheapo!  I have something similar from Target. I hope the large watches never go out of style, because I love them!  And if I had my ears pierced (seriously, I don’t!), I’m sure I would own a pair of these bow earrings from Kate Spade.  Both the watch and the earrings are a nod to the gold in the wedges.

And finally, a few items in the “Beauty” category.  I’ve been searching for cute cosmetic bags recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Forever 21 had some adorable ones, especially this floral version!  And that Essie nail polish is just the right blend between nude and pink.

I seriously can’t get enough of stripes this spring!  I think by the end of the season, you could look at my closet and see nothing but prison stripes.  Ohi.

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Wardrobe Refresh


Original Image Source

Every time it’s time to swap out the seasonal clothes, I take the opportunity to cleanse and refresh my clothes.  Not just reorganize my closet and dresser (although, it desperately needs it!), but take stock of what I don’t wear anymore, what doesn’t fit, and what I’m just not loving.  I am actually pretty good at that.  And it’s that time of year.

I’ve been seeking inspiration on Pinterest, and pinning some ideas here on a board.  Some organization ideas, as well as style.  PLUS I’m drooling over one day having a custom closet.

It’s a big project coming up, and may have our room look like a disaster zone while in progress.  When I’m getting ready to cleanse my closet, I do the following:

1. Edit – go through my existing clothes and decide to either Keep, Toss or Donate.  And I’m ruthless!

2. Reorganize – put the “Keeps” back neatly and smartly, and figure out what I need to tackle those remaining piles.

3. Find new outfits – sort through the final wardrobe and figure out what outfits I have, and what pieces I need to fill in the gaps.

Nothing novel there.  It’s pretty much the same process everyone tells you to do.

This time, however, I find myself getting ready to do a closet cleanse and refresh, and debating what to do with my “previous life” clothes.  The suits, structured dresses, dry clean only tops… as a Stay at Home Mom, keeping them just doesn’t make sense!  I still love to get dressed up, and don’t plan on getting rid of ALL my nice clothes, but do I really need 5 suits?

But, I’m having a hard time letting go.

And I’m normally not like that.

Are you like me?  Either getting ready to or desperately need to do a closet reorg?  Or, have you already done it? (Lucky you!!!)

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be wading through each step.  And I’ll share what I’m doing.  I don’t claim to be a genius professional organizer, or an awesome stylist.  Just someone who hates clutter and piles.  And I love to get rid of things.

Except those 5 suits… I may just keep those.