What I Actually Used in my Delivery Hospital Bag!

Currently drinking Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast, full strength!  Even had a mini biscotti!

Last week, I became an Aunt!  My SIL had a baby girl, and it’s just so exciting to have a newborn in the family.  Not to mention someone for our little bean to play with as she gets older.

This reminded me of the excitement of preparing to give birth, packing the bags, and just anxiously awaiting the first “is that a contraction?”.  This prompted me to look at the checklist I had made for myself when I was prepping to go to the hospital.

And it made me LAUGH!!!!

I watched so many videos on what other first time moms packed, read list after list, and realized that the recommendations on what to bring to the hospital varied from bring everything but the kitchen sink to bring only the bare minimum for you and the baby.  It was so confusing.

So I made myself a “happy medium” checklist and got packing.  But, I noticed, once I got home from the hospital with a new baby in tow, I barely touched any of the items I packed.  There were some items I was grateful I brought, but the majority was still fresh as a daisy.  (The one thing I wished I had brought was a breast feeding pillow.  It was so hard to get comfortable trying to breast feed the first time with pillows jabbed everywhere.)

But, just a reminder that, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you pack:


Selfish picture insert

Anyway, back on topic.  I thought I would share what I actually used, and what was left unused.

My Stuff (small carry-on suitcase)
What I did use:

  • Toiletries/makeup
  • Shower stuff
  • Hair Dryer
  • Nipple Cream
  • Slippers
  • Flip Flops
  • Nursing bras (Only used a sleeping one.  Not a structured one)
  • Small grocery bag for dirty clothes
  • Medical Information (mainly medical record number and insurance card)
  • Extra small reusable tote for hospital extras (so smart!!)
  • Towel (to sit on in the car, not in the hospital.  You never know!)
  • iPad & iPod with earbuds
  • iPhone

What I didn’t use:

  • Body Spray
  • Extra Vitamins/Medications (The hospital preferred to give this to me themselves)
  • Nursing Pads (Would still pack them again, just in case)
  • Maxi Pads (Just use the hospital ones)
  • Socks (Bending down to put on socks was ridiculously painful!)
  • Underwear (Why use your own when the hospital has awesome big disposable ones?)
  • Sleep shorts and other comfy clothes (Just stayed in the hospital gown the whole time)
  • Robe (Same as above)
  • Going Home Outfit (Just rewore what I wore to the hospital)
  • Pen & Baby Journal
  • Snacks for Hubby (he just went home and ate)
  • Small fan for noise/air (didn’t even bother bringing it into the room!)

Baby Stuff (packed in the diaper bag)
What I did use:

  • Hat
  • Receiving Blanket (covered her in the car seat to go home)

What I didn’t use:

  • Plain Onesies
  • Side Snap Shirt in Newborn size
  • Footed Sleepers
  • Socks
  • Extra receiving blankets
  • Nail Clippers

To be clear, our daughter spent her entire 2 day hospital stay in the Special Care unit (a step-down NICU) due to breathing problems.  She had wires everywhere, so dressing her in outfits beyond what the Special Care unit put her in was impractical.   If she had been in our room, I’m sure I would have used all of the items I had packed.  So next time, I would definitely pack the same items again.  Even the nail clippers.  Clipping a newborn’s nails when they’re in the “milk coma” is MUCH easier than trying to clip a squirmy 5 month old’s nails.

What things did you find vital when you delivered?  I could start working on another checklist 😉


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